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Setting Up a Gym at Home? Here are Some Equipment You May Need.

The work from home trend has gained popularity recently even before the COVID-19 pandemic. Another activity that’s typically done outside of our homes that’s gaining a home-based trend is the gym workout. Working out at home is becoming popular among fitness enthusiasts because of its many benefits. Doing your exercise and workout sessions with your home gym equipment means you don’t have to travel to the gym, pack your stuff in your gym bag, and best of all, you get to work out in a comfortable and pressure-free place.

Before you head out to buy a yoga, resistance band, treadmill, or any other gym equipment to set up at home, you need to consider what kind of workout or exercises you want to do. You also need to check the dimensions of your home gym, the gym equipment you need to achieve your fitness goals, and how much you can set aside for setting up your home gym.

Read on as we recommend some equipment you may need in setting up a gym at home.

Recumbent Bike

We’ll jump over the basics, for now, to pay attention to a piece of good gym equipment that’s easy on the back and knees. The good thing about a home workout is that your family members can have access to your home gym equipment. A recumbent bike is great to have at home because it can be used by other family members, especially those of advanced ages. There are many recumbent bikes available on the market, but for a piece of exercise equipment that fits your lifestyle and is good for your family, a great selection of the best recumbent bikes on GarageGymPower can meet your particular exercise needs, including your family’s as well. What makes the recumbent bike different from a regular stationary bike is the seat back for lumbar support, a large, comfortable seat, and pedals located at the front for less leg joint pressure. This bike gives a good cardiovascular exercise and provides lower body workout by focusing on the quads, glutes, calves, and hamstring. A good bonus is it also burns calories by utilizing these muscle areas.

Exercise Mat

Start with the basic equipment for your home gym. The exercise or yoga mat is a portable and versatile piece of equipment that you can set up in the designated gym area of your home. It can even be brought outside and be set up in your backyard or on the beach for a refreshing outdoor floor exercise. Choose a thick mat for great cushioning and comfort while you do stretches and floor exercises.

Resistance Bands

Resistance bands are great to have at home because they are lightweight, portable, affordable, and easy to store. They are also versatile pieces of exercise equipment because they add extra challenge and resistance not just to lower-body exercises, but also to some upper-body exercises as well. You can level up the toning and reshaping of your glutes, quads, and hamstring on the lower body and your deltoid, triceps, and biceps by using resistance bands.


Kettlebells don’t take up much space to store and they are versatile pieces of exercise equipment. They give your upper-body muscles a good workout and they also keep your heart rate up while exercising. Even with a limited home gym space, you can do goblet squats, swings, and a lot of other exercises with kettlebells without restricting your movements.


Another small yet useful home gym equipment you can use is a pair of dumbbells. Like kettlebells, dumbbells are also versatile and can be used in isolated strength exercises like bicep curls, one-arm swings, or shoulder presses or in conjunction with other exercises as resistance equipment. You can use medium-weight dumbbells of about 8-10 pounds as starting equipment for your gym setup. If you have prior gym experience and have already undergone regular strength training, you can increase the dumbbell weight specifications and start with a 15-pound dumbbell. If you want a progressive strength and muscle buildup, you can use a set of adjustable dumbbells.

CAP Barbell

If you have ample room space and want to get serious weight exercises, the CAP barbell is a good home gym equipment. You can choose from the 7-foot or 5-foot bars depending on your room dimensions. Also, you can start with the standard bar, which already weighs 25 lbs. You can then do incremental weight increases by adding weight plates to your barbell.

TRX Suspension Training Kit

Another space-saving option you can add to your gym setup is a suspension training kit. While this exercise kit is initially found in urban gyms, it is specifically designed to be used for home gym setups. This versatile training kit can give you a full-body workout and a wide variety of exercise options from pushups, rows, squats to suspended planks. It is easy to set up indoors or even outdoors as long as you have a place to hang the suspension trainer, such as a post, a beam, a doorknob, or a tree branch. It’s also portable, so you can bring it with you when you travel or when you’re on vacation.

Medicine Ball Set

The medicine ball is great to have as home gym equipment due to its wide range of uses. It provides resistance and a more targeted muscle workout when used in conjunction with other forms of exercises such as superman, mountain climbers, pushups, squats, and lunges. It also goes well with cardio and full-body workouts, which makes one of the home gym essentials.

Foam Rollers

Your home gym setup will not be complete without these pieces of handy equipment. Your home gym equipment should not only be focused on exercise, but also on promoting muscle recovery, flexibility, and relaxation. The foam roller is a great type of post-workout equipment to have because it helps relieve muscle soreness, tightness, and inflammation. It also helps increase blood and oxygen flow to the muscles by giving a gentle massage and applying pressure to trigger points, which helps alleviate muscle pain.

Setting up a gym at home doesn’t have to be tough. You don’t have to install bulky equipment that doesn’t fit with your current workout needs or anything that takes up too much space. Start with something light and basic to build a good exercise habit and to let your muscles adjust to regular exercise. As you get to enjoy your regular at-home exercise and workout sessions, not only can you take the intensity a notch higher, but you are also on the way to achieving a fit body and living a healthy lifestyle.