By Kevin Grech

This week I enjoyed listening the Muscular Development radio show focusing on stars that are no longer with us.

Shawn and Bob did not hold back on the problem and it is showing that something is not right in modern bodybuilding. I am not writing this to say the sport is dirty, but for the good health of our champions.

Every sport today has a problem, even a simple game like chess….

The stars of the past did things to have the edge but today it seems a lot of athletes are taking the easy way out and are trying to hit goals that the human body cannot handle.

Sometimes some athletes are not going through the hard training and good diet to hit a certain look, but they are taking the easy route and trying to get there the fast way.

Trying to win that Pro card is pushing athletes to the limits and sometimes it will kill them in the long run.

The bodybuilding fans loves seeing the bodybuilder on stage with freaky size, but the true bodybuilding fan also loves to see a refined physique like Shawn Ray, Zane, Paris, Gaspari, Labrada, Haney and so on.

Taking nothing away from the Olympians today as they are great, but are we expecting too much from them? Are they pushing to limits that the human body has never been to?

Heart attacks have become a common killer in this sport and bodybuilders are falling at the early age of 40, when they are suppost to be the advert of a perfect healthy individual.

Yes they look great on the outside, but what about the inside? Are they all in sound health?

They should have a mandatory heart check once or twice a year. If not they should have their Pro card revoked.

The IFBB should look into this today before tomorrow. This has to apply to the Pro and Amateur World and European championships as well.

We want out stars to be a great example for the young fans and nothing would be better for a IFBB Pro showing that he or she even goes to check up on their health.

I truly enjoyed listening to Shawn and Bob talk about this problem and if you listen to the show carefully, they point out many problems that are in the sport and other sports.

Drink a glass of whiskey it does nothing, drink a bit more it gets you drunk, drink five bottles, it can kill you. This applies to everything, even bodybuilding! wants the sport to move in the right direction and it will keep on pushing for the good health of our Pro’s and Amateur’s.