Shawn Rhoden

Shawn Rhoden out of 2018 Arnold Classic.

According to sources close to, we have been informed that Shawn Rhoden is out of the 2018 Arnold Classic, Ohio.

According to the latest competitors list on the Arnold Sports Official site, his name has been removed from the list.

Shawn had confirmed he is going to compete on his official Instagram page on a number of occasions.

Later in the day Shawn Rhoden confirmed the news on his official Instagram page:

flexatronrhodenThis first picture here was a couple weeks ago when I was five weeks out from the Arnold Classic 2018. I was feeling great! Unfortunately, I came home to Santa Barbara to visit my family and I started throwing up for two days. Since I don’t normally complain my coach, Chris Aceto, recommended that I go to the hospital thinking that I may be overly dehydrated. I ended up being rushed by ambulance from one hospital to another that had better facilities to care for me. I was admitted to the Intensive Care Unit. Not only did I have the horrible flu going around but my hemoglobin level was at 4 (should be around 14). I lost A LOT of blood due to two ulcers bleeding into my intestine over a period of time. I was given 6 blood transfusions that brought my body back to levels where my body could reproduce enough blood on its own to normal levels. Since it is so close to the Arnold, I am disappointed that I must announce that I will not be competing in this years Arnold Classic 2018. I am thankful that I am feeling better!! And I am thankful for all of the support from my family, friends and IFBB Pro League. I am back to training hard and pushing myself to bring my BEST to the Olympia 2018! I will still be at the Arnold Classic 2018 to cheer on my fellow athletes and to chat with all the fans! I am looking forward to visiting with fans when I’m not on “diet brain!” Thank you for your thoughts and prayers.

Shawn Rhoden

Even Dave Palumbo of confirmed the news.

Shawn Rhoden Shawn Rhoden