Shawn RobinsonAccording to reports from various websites and forums,  Shawn Robinson has died. Apparently he has died from heart complications according to reports.

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RX Muscle CEO: I had the pleasure of working with SHAWN for several of his contest preps……and I’ll tell you this: No one loved bodybuilding more than Shawn Robinson. He lived it every second……..he oozed it from his being.. there was nothing more he enjoyed doing than training, competing, and just being around bodybuilding. He came to all the Bros Vs Pros lifting events, he showed up at all the big bodybuilding shows…….and he talked bodybuilding all the time. I loved running into him at the gym because I knew he always had the latest gossip and angles on whatever was trending in our industry. He was one of the proverbial “good guys” of our sport and he will be greatly missed by the community and by me. R.I.P.