Shopping for Activewear Online? Here Are Some Useful Tips.

For all the sports geeks and serious athletes out there, there is a whole world of dedicated clothing designed with them in mind. Whatever the activity or occasion, it’s nice having a set of both comfy and tight-fitting clothes that are meant to either boost you or give you a sleek figure.

This contrast in purpose is explained by the vast number of activities sportswear is meant to satisfy. After all, think of all the various sports and what is needed for them – tight-fitting bodysuits for wrestling, light shoes for running, stretch pants for yoga, warm jackets for mountain climbing, etc.

And while it is nice to see and try on various clothing items in stores – shops that have such a variety are very rare, and likely are restricted during the corona crisis. The alternative, of course, is to browse and buy online, something that may be more tricky than you think.

Do You Know What You Need?

Firstly, the question you need to ask yourself is what equipment, what activewear do I need for my activities. Well, it depends on your surroundings as well as on how you feel about what you’re wearing. Are you training outside or indoors, in a group or solo; if in a group are those close friends or just other people that come to the same session?

Sometimes gyms and training schools will have a strict code of clothing for all their members, to avoid some awkward or insulting situations. So you will have to see if very short shorts, however pretty it may be, is even allowed, or do you have to wear sweatpants and a T-shirt when exercising. And, of course, before diving into a shopping spree check to see if those items are actually designed for the sport at hand.

How to Get a Discount

Activewear, and especially shoes or sneakers, can be very expensive! A lot of brands are also worn as fashion statements besides their main use as a sports accessory, and when they are designed and marketed in such a way it drives the price up to and up. So not wanting to spend a small fortune just to be able to go jogging comfortably is a worthy challenge.


There are a few ways you can get by with a reduced price. If you are part of a group or school, you may receive a discount based on that, as a larger group may negotiate a better price for a certain quantity.

Another good way of getting a competitive price is by chasing coupons, such as with, and being careful to use them before they expire. Seasonal outlets are your last bet, as the stores are trying to get rid of excess supplies before the start of a new season, but the selection at that point is very limited.

Sizing and Fitting

Caveat emptor! Buyer beware! When shopping for anything online the most common complaint is that a product, especially clothing items, is not sized properly or that they do not fit or even look as advertised. This is, of course, very problematic as the solution is only to pack it up and send it back hoping the replacement will be better – something that takes away both time and patience.

Some types of activewear can be easy to remodel if needed, anyone with scissors, needle, and thread can resize (only to a smaller number, unfortunately) a cotton hoodie or sweatpants. But things made out of spandex or other synthetic materials are a different beast altogether and usually impossible to adjust.

Luckily – stretchy materials will fit the body in almost any size, it will only be a question of how difficult it is to put it on!

New Materials for an Old Sport

The modern world of sport is always trying to improve performance by whatever means necessary, from food supplements to better clothing options. All of this innovation is available to the average consumer also and is not only limited to the professional athlete anymore. Sure, you may not need the super-fast swimsuit that Olympic-grade swimmers use, but some other materials are worth looking into.

Becoming very popular today are breathable multiplayer activewear, which allows sweat to evaporate from the body, but don’t let water get inside if it’s raining, for example. Mountain climbers and those training in colder climates will want something warm for the occasion, for what they should look for new types of sheeps’ wool sweaters that are made so as to keep the natural oils still intact.

Don’t Go All In at Once

When you have the vast selection of everything on the internet in front of you it is sometimes easy to get carried away and start filling up the basket with things that look and sound great, but that you do not really need. Certainly, if you practice rowing, for example, you will need oars and a boat, but such an expense doesn’t have to be made at the very beginning – your sports club should be able to supply you with what you need during your starting period.

So – don’t buy before you actually need it! Sometimes we may think we need some new equipment, new running shoes, or a hat for a summer marathon, though the truth of the matter is that many people overestimate their need and experience and will start looking for professional gear, while they actually only need the basics.

Have Patience

Building and growing into a wardrobe takes time, so there is no need to rush. If you are buying for the sake of exercise remember that no one became a champion overnight, but rather it takes years of practice to become proficient. If a certain pair of newly arrived shoes don’t feel good right away you shouldn’t send them back immediately, no!

You must first do some exercises in them for them to adapt to your foot a bit, and only then judge if they are actually a good or bad fit.

Even though most of us like buying activewear in person, that is to say – in stores where we can see and try it on for size before deciding where to put our money, online shopping has its benefits too. We now have a much larger selection to choose from and can do our shopping during any time of day and from anywhere in the world – no need to run to the store before it closes!