ShredCBD and Weight Training Review

ShredCBD and Weight Training Review – A New Kind of Beast.

Supplements are everywhere. Legal natural herbs from the far east, and illegal shit that gets you massive but can really cause problems if you use it wrong. The latest in this line of ‘natural supplements’ is ShredCBD. I took ShredCBD for 30 days after being sucked into to their CBD supplement for athletes page. So here’s my ShredCBD and Weight Training Review.

ShredCBD was an excellent way for me to jump into CBD supps. The company were great with pre sales questions and the supplement made a big difference to both my training quality and my lifestyle.

I also saw some good fat loss. If you want to skip the boring bits, jump to weeks 3 and 4 below, as this is where ShredCBD really made a difference for me. (Which surprised me actually).

I’ll be getting my GF some and do a write up of her experience also soon. But, currently I highly recommend if you can afford the tear jerking 67 bucks.

About Me

Right, so I would call myself a bodybuilder. I like the challenge of building new muscle and increasing my overall performance and physique. It’s cool to be strong, in my humble opinion anyway.

I’ve been training for just over 18 years now and intend to keep going for 80. I’ve tried every supplement, legal and illegal under the sun. And write this as I try and build my written portfolio online. I’ve written for a few smaller publications about training, SpotMeBro, Broscience etc.

I reached out to this site and pitched a review of a supplement they list as best for bodybuilders. Thought they could use a little user experience on the site. And here we are. I’ll stop rambling now, I’m boring myself.

Introducing ShredCBD

So, my ShredCBD package came and I really didn’t know what to expect. Was CBD even legal kept crossing my mind, was I about to get high for 30 days?

Anyway, I open the box about 4 days after ordering (I’m in Florida), and there’s this little shiny bottle packed with the 60 capsules and 1200mg of CBD.

The product looks nice, it comes just alone in a jiffy bag which is fine and has everything you need to know on the bottle.

CBD is a compound that’s found in weed plants, it has none of the stuff that gets you high called THC though. So don’t worry about that. It is also natural in our bodies and we have a section of our brain that is directly influenced by it. Which is why it’s such an exciting ingredient to put into supplements. Cbd for lifters is looking like an essential supplement really.

Why am I taking it?

I’m currently trying to cut back a little fat and also want to see about the recovery potential of CBD. ShredCBD seems like a pretty solid and safe option, after emailing them they pointed me in the direction of test results that ensure it is actually legal.

ShredCBD 30 Day Review

So, I take my first capsule straight away, just before lunch. Then another later that night. Inbetween I do my usual Wednesday workout. Drop sets on split squats, lying leg curl, leg press etc etc. That night I don’t notice anything. My legs are pretty sore, as they should be after leg day and I sleep as normal. Waking up the next day around 6:50am. Pretty pleased it’s not one of my two fasted cardio mornings.

I take the two capsules the next day at the same time, just before lunch and then later that evening. Gym as usual, lighter upper body session. Get home. And bam, when I crawl into my bed I feel pretty chilled. Maybe it’s placebo I think?

And I sleep. Like a baby. Now, I’m sure this could be coincidence, but my sleep after that second/third night has gotten progressively better to the point I sleep a little later now. Which isn’t bad, given it’s never the alarm that wakes me up and longer sleeps = better recovery and more test!

Reflecting on Weeks 1 and 2 of ShredCBD

So sleep was good, I’ll give ShredCBD that. And after that first week I was feeling good after workouts. And actually working and life just felt smoother. I didn’t notice anything major in terms of appetite, but I push so hard in the gym I’m probably so hungry for that it knocks it out.

I felt physically more dominant in the gym and was able to use my muscles more efficiently it felt like.

ShredCBD and Weight Loss

Now, whilst I didn’t eat less, I have no doubt that if you’re on a big deficit, this would help. My appetite wasn’t changed much, but I did feel less hunger pangs in the afternoon and even when I woke up. I could’ve easily hit that fasted cardio and then gone on until lunch before eating.

Surprisingly, I think I noticed some changes in my visible fat and skin did feel kind of tighter. Which is what you want to get those muscles popping.

I don’t know the difference in weight or anything like that, I had a few heavy nights, so wasn’t worth recording.

Overall though, I can see how ShredCBD works for weight loss. And can see what the science says about it.

Weeks 3 and 4 of ShredCBD

So this is where I found ShredCBD really made a difference. During these weeks my sleep pattern improved and this was affecting every aspect of my life. Coupled with this, I felt rejuvenated and stronger during workouts and day to day.

I was leaner too, which was surprising me. But this could be due to the added blend of Green Tea and Garcinia. Which I wasn’t bothered about at first, but is probably why it’s called ‘Shred’ CBD and not just CBD.

I did experience some feelings of nausea on a couple of mornings, but these were mild and I’m unsure if it was directly related to the supplement. I did find it’s best to take it an hour before you eat.

I didn’t break any major personal records or anything, but the performance benefits came from the fact I didn’t feel fatigued as quickly and woke up the next morning feeling more ready to grab the iron by the balls and smash another session.

Generally, as someone who works freelance and is a bit of a jack of all trades, I stress a lot about my pay cheques. I kind of felt less worry and more just focus here. (Sorry for talking about work in a fitness review, but I chalked this down to the supplement).

My ShredCBD Weight Lifters Review Conclusion

What I liked:

  • All Natural CBD Isolate and other ingredients
  • Easy to Use CBD
  • Weight Loss
  • Performance and Lifestyle Improved unlike from other supplements
  • Trustworthy Company
  • Can stack alongside all other supplements (legal or not lol)
  • Free shipping to the great America!

What I didn’t like: 

  • Not for everyone
  • Expensive compared to other products (fair price for cbd though)
  • Not has hardcore as other fat burners maybe
  • Strength of cbd might’ve made me nauseas twice, not 100% though

Overall, I’ll definitely be going in for a second and third month (they offer some savings on buying a couple of bottles which is handy). Just to see if this was the supplement or me having a boost of test for that month. But, I’m sure thanks to ShredCBD, my body looks better, I feel stronger and I feel way more ready to rip the throat out of each day and smash it.

Now I’ve written all this, and I hope you’ve read it 😉 , feel free to comment with any questions you have or any experiences you have had yourself. You can always reach out to me via FB too.

You can see other ShredCBD reviews on their website here too. You might even get a glimpse of me soon!


Hey ma, look at me, I just did my first product review!

Happy lifting.