Silvio Martinez dies suddenly

Silvio Martinez dies suddenly… Covid-19 suspected cause of death.

Silvio Martinez, a former competitive bodybuilder, personal trainer and physiotherapist died suddenly of Friday 16 July, 2021.

Silvio was loved by everybody that he met. Going through all the messages on social media dedicated to him after his death, it was evident that Silvio was a kind and generous person.

According to reports, Silvio passed away suddenly after contracting Covid-19.

Messages of condolences flooded social media immediately after his death. Fellow competitors, friends and clients all were shocked after hearing the news of his sudden death.

One of Silvio’s close friends, who was suffering from pneumonia due to Covid-19, just two weeks earlier, published a message that revealed what a great person Silvio was.

“I have been struggling to write this post, as It was only 2 weeks ago you was telling me to stay strong & fight this awful disease, as I myself was admitted into hospital after been diagnosed with Covid pneumonia.
“Little did I know and never expected just how quickly the tables would turn.
My true and very good friend, Silvio Martinez, sadly passed away yesterday.
“I can honestly describe him as such a beautiful person, a gentleman someone who would always go that extra mile for anyone. We became friends about 9 years ago.
“We both shared a great passion for the same sport Bodybuilding, that’s where our friendship began.
“We have supported each other over the years in our bodybuilding careers, exchanging advice & guidance along the way.
“We would always put the world to rights with our weekly debates.
“Our physio, training & posing sessions just gave us so much fire and excitement for our next competitions.
“Talking about what we was going to do next always seeking to improve, I really looked forward to our Saturday back sessions together.
“You made a big impact on my whole family, helping my daughter when she needed treatment with physio, you also helped by giving her guidance advice and keeping her focused at difficult time in her life.
“You have worked your magic on my son after a severe leg injury last year.
“Your discussions with Gem about how much you loved our coconut protein, the fact it had real coconut pieces in it, she will always remember the excitement you had at reception that day.
“We have so many wonderful memories in the gym, I wish had so many more.
“Devastated really isn’t the word I can use, I’m heartbroken.
“Id like to send all our deepest love to Beth Silvio’s children the rest of his family & friends
“You will be missed more than you’ll ever know
Rest In Peace brother, such a beautiful soul…”

Not only was Silvio a personal trainer and physiotherapist, but he competed on a number of occasions with NABBA.

Silvio finally managed to step on the competitive stage in his 40’s. He competed between 2012 and 2018. Even competing in his later years, Silvio presented a well balanced physique.

He managed his best placing at the last competition he would ever participate in. In 2018, Silvio placed second at the NABBA England Championships in the Master 50+ category.

We at send our deepest condolences to the family and friends of Silvio Martinez during this difficult time.

Silvio Martinez’s Competition History

England Championships – NABBA, Masters 40+, 3rd
UK Championships – NABBA, Masters 40+, 6th
Mr Universe – NABBA, Masters 40+, Did not place

British Championships – IFBB, Masters 40+, 3rd

Mr Universe – NABBA, Masters 50+, 3rd

England Championships – NABBA, Masters 50+, 2nd

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