Six Best Boost Testosterone

Six Best Ways to Boost Testosterone – Some of These May Surprise You.

Having a lack of testosterone can be very frustrating, no matter your gender. This hormone predominantly affects bone in muscle mass in the body, so having enough of it is crucial for bodybuilding. Here, we cover a few ways to boost your testosterone by natural and other means—including some surprising, novel approaches!

1. Nicotine Pouches

While smoking can decrease testosterone levels, nicotine pouches without tobacco will not have the same effect. These pouches should help increase or maintain your testosterone levels without the harmful effects of tobacco.

Nicotine pouches also come in a variety of flavors, giving you many options. While this is not necessarily a natural way to boost your levels, it is a very efficient and effortless way that smokers will appreciate.

2. More Protein

Consuming more protein is a more natural way to boost your testosterone levels. To do this, try eating more things like meat, beans, and cheeses. If you are a vegetarian, there are also many protein options available in stores and restaurants.

However, to significantly increase your testosterone levels using this option, you need to consume much more protein than you already consume, so be prepared to start eating.

3. More Magnesium

Taking a magnesium supplement or consuming more foods that contain magnesium is also an excellent way to boost your levels. Taking a magnesium supplement once a day for at least one month can boost testosterone in anyone.

This method may take longer than the others, so make sure to stay patient. It is also a more natural way to boost your levels, so it may not work as well as the nicotine pouches.

4. Less Beer

Consuming less beer can be helpful to muscle growth itself, not just for boosting testosterone levels. However, consuming beer can decrease testosterone levels while increasing estrogen levels.

This is not good for bodybuilding, so make sure to watch how much beer you consume next time you decide to drink. Cutting down on your drinking could work well if you also start using nicotine pouches. The double effect may be more noticeable than either on their own.

5. Cardio AND Strength Training

While strength training is the most common way to build muscle mass, cardio can also help this goal. Cardio gives the muscles time to regrow and regroup before stretching them to the limits again and again.

Mixing cardio with your strength training can also help rebuild any muscle loss due to low testosterone levels. It may take longer and is a lot harder than the other ways, but it is worth it, considering it builds muscle and increases testosterone levels at the same time.

6. More Sleep

Yes, you always hear it. But it’s also true; getting a good amount of sleep every night helps with many issues. Your testosterone mainly releases while you are sleeping, so getting more sleep and better quality will increase your levels.

However, if you don’t get enough sleep multiple nights in a row, your levels will decrease. This method may take longer to notice than some of the other ones, so don’t worry if you don’t see results immediately.


Not sure why your testosterone levels are low? Try using one of these methods to boost it, then try using multiple methods at once. If you combine some of these ways to boost your levels, you may get even more significant results than doing one by itself. The best way to boost your levels will be different for each person, so give each one a try.

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