2020 Elite Pro Master

Stars shine at the 2020 IFBB Elite Pro Master World Championships.

The 2020 IFBB Elite Pro World Master Championships took place in the Czech Republic between 19-20 December, 2020.

The Elite Pro World Master Championships were included in the Fitness Mania Classic IV.

The Fitness Mania Classic IV is a IFBB Elite Pro qualifier and as well a IFBB World Ranking Event.

The best Master Elite Pro athletes traveled to the Czech Republic to achieve their dream of achieving World Championship status.

The Master Bikini title was won by Hungary’s Karina Gavrikova. Karina is one of the most consistent athletes with the IFBB Elite Pro Division.

Being a consistent competitor, Karina is a consistently places in the top 5 and also has a number of titles to be proud of.

Tomas Kaspar, who is another popular athlete within the IFBB Elite Pro Division took home the IFBB Elite Pro Master World Championship Bodybuilding title.

In other results Slovakia’s Alzbeta Petkova took home the Master Bodyfitness World Championship title while Brigitta Bekefi won the Bikini class.

The amateur event was also an exciting affair with over 145 athletes stepping on the competition stage.

Photos by Fitness & Mass and Eastlabs.sk

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