Steve Weinberger & Shawn Ray react to Schwarzenegger’s drug testing comments


WATCH: Steve Weinberger & Shawn Ray react to Schwarzenegger’s drug testing comments.

The dreaded subject of drug testing has again made its way into the sport of bodybuilding again and the man who started it was Arnold Schwarzenegger himself.

This all started during an interview with Arnold Schwarzenegger at the 2019 Arnold Classic Africa.

Read More: WATCH: Schwarzenegger wants drug testing at bodybuilding events were the first to break this story and others followed.

What was different between our story and the rest is that the other media outlets left out the important and true facts about NPC/Pro League President Jim Manion being included in the list of WADA’s Prohibited Associations.

Obviously the exclusion of these important details is always expected from the majority of media outlets especially in the USA. This is all due to the fact the other media outlets are always under threat that they will not be given press passes to major NPC/Pro League shows or even banned if they talk negatively or publish news that goes against the NPC/Pro League. So basically the other media outlets are being suppressed.

Arnold Schwarzenegger made these comments at a Arnold Classic Event that was sanctioned by the IFBB and IFBB Elite Pro. This means the show was tested under WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency)

The Arnold Classic in the USA, Australia and Brazil are sanctioned by the NPC/Pro League, so this means they are not tested as the NPC/Pro League do not work with WADA for obvious reasons. have been informed that Arnold Schwarzenegger was very impressed with the strict and organized way that WADA works at IFBB events.

IFBB President Dr. Rafael Santonja and his the entire IFBB are continuing the work of former IFBB President Ben Weider in bringing bodybuilding inline with Olympic standards.

Already, the IFBB has made great advances and are having bodybuilding being included in various events associated with the Olympics.

This is a dream that Arnold Schwarzenegger himself has commented about on a number of occasions and is well documented in various books that he has published.

IFBB Head Judge Steve Weinberger was very diplomatic in his comments regarding drug testing in bodybuilding.

Steve believes there are other ways that they can go about it other than a surprise visit from an official to get a sample to be tested.

Steve might have been misinformed, but drug testing at IFBB events are done immediately during the show. The athletes are taken to the lab for testing after they have finished performing on stage.

All IFBB athletes sign a document that give WADA the right to test them.

Weinberger believes that if testing was included in the sport of bodybuilding with the NPC/Pro League, it will not have an effect of the best of the best as he believes the same athletes will dominate the sport.

Steve believes drugs don’t make the athlete and that all have to agree on how drug testing have to be tackled.

Shawn Ray see’s things a little bit different but also made some valid points.

Shawn Ray knows what the effects of drug testing are as he lost his first Arnold Classic title in 1990 due to failing a drug test at the Arnold Classic. The title was then awarded to Mike Ashley.

Shawn believes everybody has the right to do whatever they want to their bodies as he is pro choice, but at the same time is against abuse.

He believes the sport with drug testing will make the sport of bodybuilding an unfair playing field.

Shawn agrees with Arnold’s concern related to the quantities of drugs that the athletes are taking.

Rather taking the time to build a decent physique, a number of athletes are trying to get to the top faster and in return are abusing their bodies with heavy drug (steroids) intake.

Shawn Ray at the end said he does not agree with Arnold Schwarznegger’s comments about drug testing.

Also Shawn Ray made a comment that is very worrying when he said he does not care what the athletes do or what they take, he just wants to see the best of the best on stage.

Basically Shawn Ray is giving the impression that he does not care for the health of the athlete, he just wants to see the best final package. These comments coming from Shawn are a bit shocking as when a bodybuilder dies suddenly or falls ill to the effects of drugs or steroids, he is the first to comment about this on how they should be taking care of themselves.

It would have been best if Shawn Ray explained himself better.

All the fans want to see the best of the best on stage, but it can be said that all the fans and athletes do not want to see somebody coming close to death just to put on a show.

We want to see the same athletes perform year after year as this is a sport to promote health and fitness. It seems that many are removing the subject of health from the sport of bodybuilding in return for a freak on stage that is moments away from death.

Maybe the subject of drug testing has made some heads turn, but if it can help at least one person from abusing a substance and hurting themselves, it will definitely be worth it.

Another important fact to remember is that at the Arnold Classic events, hundreds of other sport activities are taking place involving very young children to adults. Arnold is the face of bodybuilding and health and he needs to make sure everything stays in line. His opinion on certain matters are still taken seriously and if he did do certain things in the past, it does not mean he can’t make things right in the present.

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