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IFBB Bikini 2013 Olympia – Overall winner Ashley Kaltwasser is our...

evolutionofbodybuilding.net is proud to have the 2013 IFBB Bikini Olympia - Overall winner Ashley Kaltwasser as our Featured athlete. Ashley's has also just signed with...

IFBB 2013 Olympia Bikini Champion Ashley Kaltwasser Joins Team Gaspari

Gaspari Nutrition® team are proud to welcome IFBB 2013 Olympia Bikini Champion Ashley Kaltwasser to Team Gaspari. The excitement continues to grow for Gaspari Nutrition...

Shawn Ray & Kevin Levrone Wrap-Up the 2013 Bodybuilding Season

Team MD's Shawn Ray & Kevin Levrone wrap-up the 2013 Bodybuilding Season. From Dexter Jackson to Jay Cutler's quest to win his fifth Mr....

Ibrahim Sami Fahim of Egypt is the 2013 Amateur Mr. Olympia

The new Amateur Olympia king is Ibrahim Sami Fahim of Egypt! He succeeded Mamdouh “Big Ramy” Elssbiay, also from Egypt. Both are the Captains...

Ibrahim Sami Fahim is the Amateur Mr Olympia 2013 overall winner

Ibrahim Sami Fahim is Amateur Mr Olympia 2013 overall winner. More news soon

2013 Amateur Mr. Olympia contest photos and scorecards

Photos from Friday's prejudging of the 2013 Amateur Mr. Olympia. Click here for updated photos Big Ramy guest posing photos The lists of the finalists ; BB up...

Hamid Juma wins the 2013 Bahrain National Day championships

The 2013 Bahrain National Day Championships were held on Thursday as a prelude to the Amateur Olympia. IFBB President Dr. Rafael Santonja and IFBB...

2013 Amateur Mr. Olympia UPDATE

THE 3RD AMATEUR MR. OLYMPIA – THE PRELUDE Thursday was the first day of the 2013 Amateur Mr. Olympia in Manama, Bahrain. But it was...

2013 NPC Nationals interviews and review

Great 2013 NPC Nationals interciews and reviews of the contest that took place between 22-23 November, 2013. A large amount of athletes battled it out...

2013 NPC Nationals final results

Top 2 Place Class Winners in Men’s Bodybuilding will be eligible for IFBB Pro status. The 1st Place Class Winners in Women’s Bodybuilding will...
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