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2014 EVLS Prague Pro – Official Competitor List

The 2014 EVLS Prague Pro show official competitor list                                                  

Kai Greene arrives in Prague

Winner of EVLS Prague Pro 2013 Kai Greene arrived on Monday afternoon to Prague and has the message for his fans.          

2014 EVLS Prague Pro: Special Phil Heath and Kai Greene seminar...

On Monday, September 15, kicked off the sale of the tickets for two exclusive seminars with two super stars of professional bodybuilding, to be...

2014 EVLS Prague Pro: Seminar with Phil Heath

Phil Heath, the reigning Mr. Olympia champion, has officially announced he would participate in the 3rd annual Prague Pro 2014, during the October 4,...

2014 EVLS Prague Pro: Seminar with Kai Greene

With only a few days left to his highly anticipated show at the 50th Mr. Olympia in Las Vegas, Kai Greene has confirm to...

EVLS Prague Pro – Interview with Big Ramy

Mamdouh Elssbiay, globally known as BIG RAMY, has confirmed to compete in 2014 Prague Pro scheduled to take place in Czech Republic’s capital on...

EVLS Prague PRO: Interview with Bob Cicherillo

Despite Bob Cicherillo’s busy schedule, he has answered the following questions and confirmed to announce 2014 EVLS Prague Pro only two weeks after the...

EVLS Prague Pro 2014 competitors: Introducing Dalibor Hájek

Czech Republic’s biggest and heaviest professional bodybuilder Dalibor Hajek is scheduled to contest EVLS Prague Pro’s OPEN division in men’s bodybuilding on October 4, 2014....

2014 EVLS Prague Pro competitor profiles: Jon Delarosa

‎New York-based professional bodybuilder, Jon Delarosa (30), confirmed he would compete in EVLS Prague Pro on October 4, 2014, making his premiere European pro...

2014 EVLS Prague Pro competitor profiles: Juan Morel

Juan ‘Diesel’ Morel is in for EVLS Prague Pro 2014 to battle against the sport’s stars like Kai Greene, Shawn Rhoden, Dennis Wolf, Dexter...
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