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Looking back: When King Kamali and Craig Titus brought the house...

King Kamai vs Craig Titus It was well known back in the early 2000's that King Kamali and Craig Titus where not the best of...

IFBB Men Individual Posing Routines – IFBB Australian Pro Grand Prix...

The great footage continues from Muscular Development of  IFBB Pro’s David Henry, Abraham Elzaibak, Mike Debenham, Abbas Khatami and Gary Wright perform their individual posing...

IFBB Men Individual Posing Routines – IFBB Australian Pro Grand Prix...

More great footage from Muscular Development of IFBB Pro's Shawn Rhoden, William Bonac, Evan Centopani, Ed Nunn & Fred Smalls perform their individual posing...

Ashley Kaltwasser & Candice Keene talk about their success in Australia

Muscular Development's David Baye checks in with Ashley Kaltwasser and Candice Keene at the FitX Expo after their solid wins in the Australian Pro.

Australian Pro Grand Prix XIV 2014 – Pre-Show Commentary and photos

Bodybuilding legend Shawn Ray & Team Muscular Development's David Baye provide some pre-show commentary about the 2014 Australian Pro Grand Prix XIV. Hear about the...

Australian Pro Grand Prix XIV 2014 – Friday Interviews

With David Henry, Tony Doherty & Branden Ray Thanks to musculardevelopment.com their own David Baye took the trip to Australia and caught up with David...
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