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Interviews and coverage by Muscular Development

All the top interviews and show coverage of the 2017 Arnold Sports Festival by our friends over at Muscular Development

Interviews and coverage by RXMuscle.com

All the top interviews and show coverage by our friends over at rxmuscle.com.  

2017 Arnold Classic Open Class Competitors

The 2017 Arnold Classic is going to be a special event. None of the top 5 Olympians are competing and last year's winner Kai Greene...

McMillan, Rhoden, McCarver To Do Battle At 2017 Arnold Classic

COLUMBUS, Ohio – Cedric McMillan, who finished second in the 2016 Arnold Classic, will return to the Arnold Sports Festival in Columbus this March...

Total respect for Kevin Levrone – Cedric McMillan

Cedric McMillan met up with Team-Andro.com's Markus Rühl and talked about his condition and Kevin Levrone. Cedric McMillan was full of praise for Kevin Levrone....

2016 Olympia Press Conference – Kevin Levrone Posedown Video

The popular 2016 Mr. Olympia Press Conference finally took place on Thursday. This year was a bit different from different years in many ways. First of...

Who will it be? – The slightly different 2016 Mr. Olympia...

In the last couple of weeks we have been hearing the opinions from the top figures in the industry on who they think will...

Latest photos of Cedric McMillan in Hungary

Photos have emerged of Cedric McMillan on Muscular Development's forum from his recent visit to Scitec Muscle Beach Lake Balaton, Siófok Hungary. These photos were...

2016 Arnold Classic Australia Posing Routines

Watch the  posing routines from the 2016 Arnold Classic Australia of Kai Greene, Cedric McMillan, Justin Compton, Josh Lenartowicz, Evan Centopani, Steve Orton, Cody...

CEDRIC MCMILLAN out of control at the 2016 Arnold Classic Australia

Shawn Rhoden was the reporter for RXMuscle.com and tried to get a interview from Cedric McMillan. But Cedric was in his usual joking mood...
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