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Flex Wheeler update – May 2017

WATCH: Flex Wheeler update IFBB Legend Flex Wheeler has been hitting the gym hard in his prep for the 2017 Mr. Olympia. Flex is competing in...

Flex Wheeler making great gains

WATCH: Flex Wheeler making great gains IFBB Legend Flex Wheeler seems to be on the right track with the latest footage that has emerged. The IFBB...

Flex Wheeler answers his critics

Flex Wheeler answers his critics IFBB Legend Flex Wheeler has released a statement on his social media regarding certain criticism regarding his decision to compete...

Flex Wheeler’s progress update photo

IFBB Legend Flex Wheeler's progress update photo today revealed how he looks 6 months out from the 2017 Olympia Weekend. Flex Wheeler posted a photo...

Flex Wheeler officially added to Olympia competitors list

IFBB Legend Flex Wheeler was officially added to the Mr Olympia Classic Physique contest list. Flex was invited in the same manner as Kevin Levrone...

Contest Results: 2017 IFBB Fit World Pro

Official contest results from the 2017 IFBB Fit World Pro

Dexter Jackson confirms he will help Flex Wheeler prep for Olympia

In early February 2017 evolutionofbodybuilding.net published a story about Flex Wheeler doing some sets with Dexter Jackson. This fueled speculation that Flex Wheeler could really...

PHOTOS: 2016 NPC National Championships Overall Winners

The photos of each overall champion who earned their IFBB Pro card at the 2016 NPC Championships that too place in Miami 18-19 November,...

IFBB Pro Advisory Notice – Classic Physique New Height Limits

Attention IFBB Pro Classic Physique Athletes, Judges and Officials. Below are the new weight limits for the IFBB Pro Classic Physique Division.

IFBB Pro Rich Gaspari talks about Modern and Classic Bodybuilding

IFBB Pro Rich Gaspari features in this fantastic video by Muscular Development and Gaspari Nutrition that has him talking about the difference between Modern...
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