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Kai Greene hints at Olympia return with contest ready condition

Kai Greene hints at Olympia return with contest ready condition. Kai Greene is the king when it comes to sending out confusing messages to the...

“I will back competing in no time” – Shawn Rhoden

WATCH: "I will back competing in no time" - Shawn Rhoden. TMZ.com caught up with 2018 Mr. Olympia Shawn Rhoden as he was walking to...

Dennis Wolf reveals physique in latest documentary before the 2018 Arnold...

WATCH: Dennis Wolf reveals physique a week out from the 2018 Arnold Classic Dennis Wolf has finally gave a glimpse of his physique to the...

Breaking News: Dennis Wolf announces comeback

Breaking News: Dennis Wolf announces comebackș The news we have finally been waiting for. Dennis Wolf has made an announcement that he will be making...

Breaking News: Flex Wheeler will be competing at the 2017 Olympia

Some big news in the bodybuilding world was announced at the 2017 Arnold Classic on Friday. IFBB Legend Flex Wheeler annonced that he will be...

The importance of the 2016 Levorne comeback

2016 was a very eventful year in bodybuilding. We saw Phil Heath take his sixth Sandow trophy, Dexter Jackson continued winning shows to become...

Dexter Jackson asked about Levrone… he gives his answer

The comeback of Kevin Levrone still seems to be the big subject in the bodybuilding world. With a majority of the fans and competitors sending...

EXCLUSIVE: Milos Sarcev’s comments on the return of Kevin Levrone

IFBB Pro Milos Sarcev talked exclusively to evolutionofbodybuilding.net about the sensational news that emerged of Kevin Levrone not only making a comeback, but he...

Jay Cutler making a comeback in 2016?

In recent weeks, 4X Mr. Olympia winner Jay Cutler has been writing some interesting posts on his social media. When asked about his retirement from...
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