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Breaking News: Flex Wheeler hints at possible comeback!

2016 was a very exciting year in bodybuilding with the very popular comeback of bodybuilding legend Kevin Levrone. Regardless of his result at the 2016...

2016 Olympia Weekend Wrap-up

The top names in the industry have their say on the outcome of the 2016 Olympia Weekend. Phil Heath walked away with his sixth Olympia...

2016 Mr Olympia Prejudging Wrap-up

Two different different opinions on the 2016 Mr. Olympia Prejudging. Do you agree with them? Listen to what Muscular Development's Shawn Ray, David Baye and...

Kevin Levrone’s interview with Flex Wheeler

Muscular Development's Flex Wheeler had the chance to have a deep discussion with Kevin Levrone about his comeback and what it took to get...

IFBB Legend Flex Wheeler hospitalized

IFBB Legend Flex Wheeler has been kept under observation due to stomach pains according to a report on the website ronnie.cz and Shawn Ray. According...

Flex Wheeler’s training tips

IFBB Legend Flex Wheeler can't seem to stay away from the gym. Flex had one of the best physiques to ever grace the IFBB stage...

Phil Heath After His 4th Olympia Win!

Flex Wheeler and Jay Cutler talk to Phil Heath as he steps off stage from winning his 4th Olympia title! Source: Flex Online  

Flex Wheeler catches up with Kai Greene

Flex Wheeler catches up with Kai Greene at the 2014 Meet the Olympians event. Source Flex Online

2014 Flex Wheeler talks to 3X Mr. Olympia Phil Heath

Flex Wheeler catches up with 3X Mr. Olympia, Phil Heath, at the 2014 Meet the Olympians event. Source: Flex Online  
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