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Generation Iron to focus more on bodybuilding competitions with the signing...

Shawn Ray - Generation Iron Earlier last week, Shawn Ray made the big announcement that he left Muscular Development after a long working relationship with...

“Hey Generation shit, your movies suck as much as your reporting”...

Lee Priest attacks Generastion Iron's reporting Lee Priest was on the attack again, this time against Generation Iron for their reporting. Lee Priest was recently in...

Generation Iron To Live Stream The Arnold Classic 2017

Watch all major events at the Arnold Classic 2017 Online on Generation Iron. Generation Iron will officially be streaming the Arnold Classic on Friday March...

Generation Iron 2 Teaser – Kai Greene

The first preview of the new film Generation Iron 2 has been released. The very small 30 second clip features Kai Greene The Predator Rises… Greatness isn’t...

The Vladar Company and BodyPower announce Generation Iron 2

The movie sequel will introduce the next generation of bodybuilders New York November 2nd 2016. The wait is over for the fans of “Generation Iron” and bodybuilding.  The...

Bader Boodai – Dennis James feud resurfaces

WATCH: Bader Boodai - Dennis James feud resurfaces. A recent interview with Kuwait's Oxygen Gym owner Bader Boodai on Generation Iron has rekindled the feud...

George Farah talks about Kai Greene, Chris Aceto, Dexter and Levrone

Generation Iron recently interviewed 'Guru' George Farah. A number of valid points were made by George and as well he talked about his previous clash...

Shawn Ray defends his opinion on Levrone’s comeback

If you have not heard the news yet of Kevin Levrone's comeback to the Olympia stage, you surely have been living under a rock. The...

Dexter Jackson’s 2016 New York Pro Posing Routine

Watch Dexter Jackson's winning posing routine at the 2016 New York Pro. Source: Generation Iron

Shawn Ray speaks his mind on Levrone comeback

Since the news of Kevin Levrone making his way back to the Olympia stage, a number of the top people in the industry have...
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