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Samir Bannout’s campaign against gurus and modern day bodybuilding

Samir Bannout's campaign against gurus and modern day bodybuilding. 1983 Mr. Olympia Samir Bannout has always been outspoken in the sport of bodybuilding. In recent months,...

Neil Hill responds to William Bonac’s vulgar comments

WATCH: Neil Hill responds to William Bonac's vulgar comments. We continue with the drama that is hitting the bodybuilding world. In a recent video published by...

What’s wrong with George Farah?

While reading message after message on social media of everybody wishing each other Happy Thanksgiving, we came across a very rare post from the...

Chris Aceto talks about his life and career on RXMuscle.com

RMuscle.com produce a lot of internet shows and when you take away all their criticism of their media competitors they do actually produce some...

“This is the IFBB!! If you deserve it, you deserve it!”...

George Farah was a very happy man this weekend with his athletes Dexter Jackson and Big Ramy placing first and second at the 2015...

2015 Olympia Battle of the Gurus

Well this is a new one... The 2015 Olympia Battle of the Gurus!! Last year we had Phil Heath and Kai Greene go head...
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