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Breaking News: Juan Morel out of the 2017 Arnold Classic Australia

The excitement does not stop in bodybuilding. Juan Morel is also out of the 2017 Arnold Classic Australia. According to Juan Morel's official Instagram page...

Cedric McMillan Wins Arnold Classic For Career-Defining Victory

Matt Lorz COLUMBUS, Ohio (March 4, 2017) – Cedric McMillan of Heath Springs, South Carolina outlasted fast-rising Dallas “Big Country” McCarver of Blue Goose, Tenn.,...

Juan Morel Posing 2 Weeks Before the 2015 Olympia

Sneak peek of Juan "Diesel" Morel posing in Bev Francis Powerhouse Gym, just 2 weeks before the 2015 Olympia. Source: Flex Online   Get your copy of...

Juan Diesel Morel Joins Team AMI/Weider

In his pro debut, the hometown hero finished fourth in a tough lineup at the 2012 New York Pro. But he bounced back a...

Juan Morel Posing 8 Weeks Before the 2015 Olympia

Juan Morel shows us his condition 8 weeks before the 2015 Mr Olympia. Source: Flex Online

2015 New York Pro video highlights

Great footage by Flex Online of the top finishers at the 2015 New York Pro.   2015 New York Pro Prejudging Wrap Up - RX Muscle

IFBB Pro Juan Morel guest posing at the Dexter Jackson Memphis...

IFBB Pro Juan Morel guest posing at the 2014 Dexter Jackson Memphis Classic Video by Mark Mason Source: NPC News Online

IFBB Pro Bodybuilder Juan Morel Signs with 1UP Nutrition

IFBB Pro Bodybuilder Juan Morel Signs with 1UP Nutrition. Juan signed his 2 year contract at the East Coast Mecca. Source: NPC News Online             SPECIAL OFFER!!...

2014 Olympia Weekend – Victor, Jon & Juan talk to Shawn...

Muscular Development's Shawn Ray caught up with IFBB Pros Victor Martinez, Juan Morel & Jon Delarosa for pre-show interviews shortly after the Press Conference...

2014 Olympia prep: Jon Delarosa & Juan Morel Train Delts

IFBB pros Jon Delarosa and Juan "Diesel" Morel train shoulders 6.5 weeks out from the 2014 Mr. Olympia. These guys still train pretty heavy...
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