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Tony Freeman joins the Nspire Sports League

The big news of the week has arrived with Tony Feeman joining the Nspire Sports League (NSL). Tony Freeman is a veteran of the sport...

Nspire Sports League launch… a failure?

On November 8, 2015 the much anticipated launch of Lee Thompson’s Nspire Sports League took place at Muscle Beach. After over a month and a...

Do we need to hear all this from Lee Thompson??

Yesterday, NPC Global's Lee Thompson released a video of himself telling the bodybuilding world all that is happening behind the scenes. When the news came...

NPC Global’s Lee Thompson in scathing attack on IFBB, IFBB Pro...

Lee Thompson seems to have been reading and listening to all the opinions regarding his new federation NPC Global. He has released a video that...

Bodybuilding.com teams up with new federation NPC Global

A story first to be released by musclesportmag.com and confirmed by NPC Global's official Facebook page, bodybuilding.com has teamed up with break away federation...

Olympia Judge leaves IFBB; starts new Federation

Highly respected judge, Mr. Olympia and IFBB judge Lee Thompson has decided to break away from the IFBB to start his own federation called...
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