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Featured Athlete: Lorna Mifsud

Lorna Mifsud is a 26 year old athlete. Fitness is part of her lifestyle, and a hobby that she has been practicing since she...

Featured Athlete: Lara Vassallo

Our next athlete is 22 year old Lara Vassallo. Lara constantly works on her goals to achieve highest possible results while also at the same...

Featured Athlete: Kirsten Dalmas

Kirsten Dalmas a 26 year old accountant has been dedicated to fitness most of her life. At the age of eight, she started gymnastics and...

Featured Athlete: Maiko Zaalishvili

Maiko Zaalishvili is 30 years old. Everything started 6 years ago when she first decided to change her lifestyle forever. Maiko simply started to read...

Featured Athlete: Mario Pace

Mario Pace is a veteran bodybuilder with a wealth of experience in the sport. He is the former IFBB-Malta president and is an certified IFBB...

Featured Athlete: Tara Ebejer

Tough times make tough athletes There is a saying going around social media that breakups make body builders. This is partly true for NABBA bikini...

Featured Athlete: Melanie Galea

Melanie Chetcuti is 26 years old and started this lifestyle two years ago thanks to her husband's motivation. By surrounding herself with people who train...

Featured Athlete: Clayton Gatt

Clayton Gatt is 27 years old and is from Hamrun, Malta. Height 169cm, off season weight 87kg, pre contest weight 76-79kg Waist off season 32inch,...

Malta IFBB National Championships and International GP athlete profiles

The Malta IFBB National Championships and the 2016 Bodybuilding and Fitness International Grand Prix  is soon with us. Both events will be taking place...

2016 Malta Bodybuilding and Fitness International Grand Prix

Malta Bodybuilding and Fitness International Grand Prix 2016. Open for Spain, Italy, Greece, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ireland, UK, Denmark, Norway and Sweden. Download the...
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