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5 Reasons you ought to be SQUATTING! by Eric ‘Merlin’ Broser

Do Not Miss Out on this Monster-Mass-Maker When lifters discuss the most basic and fundamental compound exercises, the BB Squat is almost always at the...

5 Reasons you should be Doing DIPS! – Eric ‘Merlin’ Broser

Don’t Forget to Include this Classic Move There are few exercises I would refer to as “classics,” but the basic “Dip” is certainly one of...

40…the new 20 How to Get Bigger and Better with Age...

The date was August 19th, 1989, and as I stood onstage at my second ever bodybuilding competition I listened with nervous anticipation as the...

EXCLUSIVE: Eric ‘Merlin’ Broser’s comments on Levrone’s comeback

Eric 'Merlin' Broser is well known in the bodybuilding and fitness industry when it comes to preparing athletes for top competitions. He has written...

Be Built by Broser Ask Merlin Monday, stretching and rear delts

Eric 'Merlin' Broser answers questions and as well he also demonstrates some essential stretches for bis/tris as well as a unique rear deltoid movement. Source:...

Ask Merlin and a major announcement with Eric ‘The Merlin’ Broser

In this episode Eric Broser answers some great "Ask Merlin Monday" questions at the beginning and end of the video! Eric also address' training...
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