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Victor Martinez signs deal with MuscleMeds to represent Carnivor

MuscleMeds is pleased to announce that IFBB pro Victor Martinez, one of bodybuilding’s most popular and all-time great competitors, has been signed to an...

IFBB Pro Akim Williams Trains Back

MuscleMeds Athlete & IFBB Pro Akim Williams Trains Back At Bev Francis Powerhouse Gym. Source: npcnewsonline.com      

IFBB Pro Akim Williams replaces Kai Greene at MuscleMeds

As everybody knows, till a couple of months ago, Kai Greene was the number one athlete of MuscleMeds. Since then after rumors of Kai leaving...

Kai Greene leaves MuscleMeds

Kai Greene has left his main sponsor MuscleMeds. This news was revealed on Dave Palumbo's Heavy Muscle Radio this week. Dave said that he was...
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