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Wayne DeMilia talks to Joe Pietaro about the IFBB USA

Wayne Demilia Interviewed In an exclusive interview with our friend over at Musclesportmag.com, Joe Pietaro spoke to new IFBB America promoter Wayne Demilia about the...

Rich Piana Health UPDATE by Joe Pietaro

Rich Piana Health UPDATE by Joe Pietaro The latest update just in on Rich Piana. Our friend Joe Pietaro of Musclesportmag.com managed to get the latest...

HOT OFF THE PRESS – 30 May, 2016

eolutionofbodybuilding.net has a goal to give our readers all the latest news from all over the bodybuilding world. ‘Hot off the press’ is a...

HOT OFF THE PRESS – 21 May, 2016

evolutionofbodybuilding.net has a goal to give our readers all the latest news from all over the bodybuilding world. 'Hot off the press' is a...

Europa Show Media ban saga continues

The Europa Show Media ban saga is not over yet. If some of you don't know what is happening, our friends over at RXMuscle.com were...

Checkout the great articles form our friends at musclesportmag.com

Our friends at musclesportmag.com have published some great articles. These guys say it as it is. Some might say, we are crazy promoting competition... but...

Expelling the Bullshit & Bodybuilding Myths

By Gregg Valentino -  www.musclesportmag.com Bodybuilding Reality Check - ‘Livin The Jacked Life’ video series. This video just clears the air of the bodybuilding myths...

Bostin Loyd on Gregg & Joe Show Re: Marc Lobliner “Feud”

By Joe Pietaro - www.musclesportmag.com One is 22 years old; the other 34. Both men are immensely popular within the bodybuilding community and have been...
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