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Results: 2019 New Zealand Pro – 212 and Classic Physique

Results: 2019 New Zealand Pro - 212 and Classic Physique. The contest season is in full swing for the NPC/Pro League with the 2019 New...

RESULTS: 2018 New Zealand Pro

RESULTS: 2018 New Zealand Pro The results of the 2018 IFBB New Zealand Pro (IFBB Pro League) held on 24 March 2018

Brandon Curry posing routine 2017 New Zealand Pro

The posing routine of Brandon Curry at the 2017 New Zealand Pro. Brandon went on to win the contest by edging out Dallas McCarver for...

Brandon Curry wins the 2017 NZ Pro Show

Brandon Curry edged out big Dallas McCarver to win the 2017 IFBB New Zealand Pro Show. Top 5 results 1. Brandon Curry 2. Dallas McCarver 3. Juan Morel 4....

Post-Win Interviews from Jose Raymond & Ashley Kaltwasser at the New...

Great footage from Team Muscular Development's David Baye as he caught up with 212 winner Jose Raymond and Bikini winner Ashley Kaltwasser after the...

Official 2014 IFBB New Zealand Pro results

The results are in from today's 2014 IFBB New Zealand Pro. 212 1st. Jose Raymond 2nd. Petr Vanis 3rd. Mike Debenham 4th. Salah Abraham 5th. Sam Mohammad Bikini 1st. Ashley Kaltwasser 2nd. Stacey...

Official New Zealand Pro competitor lists

  The competitor's list for the New Zealand Pro show that is going to take place on March 15. Men's 212 Pro Mike Debenham (australia) Salah Ibraham (New...
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