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Jose Raymond ‘The Boston Mass’ trains at Oxygen Gym – Kuwait

Jose Raymond - Oxygen Gym One of our favorite bodybuilders IFBB Pro Jose Raymond 'The Boston Mass' trains at Kuwait's popular Oxygen Gym. Jose put in...

Chris Cormier making sure Big Ramy is ready for the Olympia

Chris Cormier - Big Ramy team IFBB Chris Cormier is known to be one of the best trainers in the bodybuilding industry. With a great history...

Brandon Curry making some impressive gains in 2017

Brandon Curry is a veteran of the sport of bodybuilding. His career in the sport can be said to be successful placing in the top...

Big Ramy wins the 2016 IFBB Kuwait Pro Show

Big Ramy defeated Dexter Jackson to win the 2016 Kuwait Pro show. From the footage that was thankfully shown live from Kuwait, it looked like...

Chris ‘The Technician’ Aceto talks about Oxygen Gym and Big Ramy

Chris 'The Technician' Aceto has arrived in Kuwait for the big IFBB Pro show that will take place this Thursday 29, September 2016. Chris talked...

Víctor Martínez and Jon De La Rosa talk about Kuwait’s Oxygen...

Víctor Martínez and Jon De La Rosa as we all now are getting their training done in Kuwait at Oxygen Gym. The main factor is...
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