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Five IFBB Pro Cards won at the 2018 Sheru Classic

The 2018 Sheru Classic India took place on 10 February, 2018. Five IFBB Pro cards were available to be win in a contest organized...

Official results of the 2016 IFBB Sheru Classic

Roelly Winklaar was the clear favorite going into this show and he walked away with first place just as predicted. Photos by Milos Sarcev  

IFBB judges walk out of Dubai Amateur Bodybuilding Competition

It seems nothing is going to plan at the Amateur Bodybuilding Competition in Dubai this weekend. According to a posts by David Baye and Shawn...

2016 IFBB Sheru Classic official competitors list

Sheru Classic is known in India as the authority in Health & Fitness Industry and holds the distinct achievement of organizing Asia’s first IFBB...
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