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Tom Platz is back squatting 405lbs at 61

Bodybuilding legend Tom Platz looks to hitting the gym hard. The bodybuilding legend is known for his freaky sized legs when he was at his...

Kevin Levrone means business

Kevin Levrone has been very active on social media showing the bodybuilding and fitness world that he means business. Kevin has been publishing a number...

Dallas McCarver Road To The Arnold Classic series

Dallas McCarver is already focused on 2017 as he has teamed up with Chad Nicholls to prepare for the 2017 Arnold Classic. Watch as Dallas...

Kevin Levrone talks about his progress

Kevin Levrone is on a mission to get to the 2017 Mr. Olympia. What is different this time around is that Levrone will need...

5 Reasons you ought to be SQUATTING! by Eric ‘Merlin’ Broser

Do Not Miss Out on this Monster-Mass-Maker When lifters discuss the most basic and fundamental compound exercises, the BB Squat is almost always at the...
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