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Johnnie Jackson is back to training after squatting incident

Johnnie Jackson message IFBB Pro Johnnie Jackson sent a message to his fans via his official Instagram page telling explaining that he is ok after...

Johnnie Jackson suffers injury at Super League contest in Montreal

Johnnie Jackson suffers injury Retired IFBB Pro bodybuilder Johnnie O Jackson suffered a injury while squatting 425lbs. Johnnie Jackson was competing at the Super League contest...

Dan Solomon clarifies Kai Greene’s Super League/IFBB situation

Digital Muscle's Dan Solomon clarified the situation on Kai Greene leaving the IFBB for the newly formed Super League. The original story was published on...

‘Mountain Dog’ John Meadows joins the new Super League

'Mountain Dog' John Meadows - Super League After the news that broke yesterday of Kai Greene joining the Super League, John Meadows went to his...

Breaking News: Kai Greene joins the Super League

You Kai Greene - Super League According to Youtube page, Nick's Strength and Power, Kai Greene has signed with the new Super League which is being...

Breaking News – Dorian Yates’ – Super League

Breaking News - Dorian Yates' - Super League Big news in the fitness industry. 6X Mr. Olympia Dorian Yates returns to shock the fitness world...
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