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Arnold Classic USA cancels 212 event for 2019… Could Kamal Elgargni...

Arnold Classic USA cancels 212 event for 2019... Could Kamal Elgargni be the problem? The bodybuilding and fitness industry have been up in arms regarding...

NPC/Pro League judge suspended in Italy

NPC/Pro League judge suspended in Italy. Not all is good within the NPC/Pro League (IFBB Pro League) in Italy. The affiliate to the NPC/Pro League in...

Lifetime suspension for Trainer/Coach

Lifetime suspension for Trainer/Coach. Yesterday evening the L'Association des Physiques Québécois (APQ) has given a lifetime suspension to trainer/coach James Ayotte. James is part of Team...

THE TRUTH: Qatar Anti-Doping Commission confirm Kamal Elgargni’s suspension

The saga regarding the 2018 Arnold Classic 212 winner Kamal Elgargni continues. In days leading up to the contest in Ohio, during and after, Kamal...
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