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Conflicting reports on Hadi Choopan’s visa to enter the USA

Conflicting reports on Hadi Choopan's visa to enter the USA. The news of Hadi Choopan being denied a visa to get into the USA has...

Gustavo Badell criticizes Hadi Choopan… then retracts comments

Gustavo Badell criticizes Hadi Choopan... then retracts comments. Gustavo Badell is a name that does not make the headlines when it comes to bodybuilding in...

2018 Vancouver Pro: Lukas Osladil wins in Canada

2018 Vancouver Pro: Lukas Osladil wins in Canada. Lukas Osladil booked his ticket to the 2018 Olympia Weekend with a win at the 2018 Vancouver...

Muscle-Insider attack Shawn Ray on Regan Grimes criticism

Muscle-Insider attack Shawn Ray Shawn Ray, the voice of bodybuilding never seems to get a break from criticism lately. In his 2017 Vancouver Pro review, Shawn...

Michael Lockett wins the 2017 Vancouver Pro Show

2017 Vancouver Pro Show Results IFBB Pro Michael Lockett wins his second contest in a row, this time in Vancouver. Lockett qualified for the 2017 Olympia...

Ben Pakulski wins the 2016 Vancouver Pro

Canada's Ben Pakulski managed to edge past his competition to win the 2016 Vancouver Pro show. Ben presented a very conditioned physique that was enough...

2016 Vancouver Pro – News and Photos

All the latest updates of the 2016 Vancouver Pro. The Olympia Qualification series is heating up with a number of veteran pro's still to qualify...
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