Tampa Pro competitors list

Tampa Pro competitors list released – Covid-19 protocols explained.

The Tampa Pro NPC/Pro League show is on schedule to take place, even with the spike in coronavirus infections in Florida.

The event is scheduled to take place between 31 July and 2 August, 2020.

The show has always been an important event for a number of Pro League athletes looking to earn their qualification for the Olympia Weekend.

With the coronavirus threat forcing a number of competitions to be rescheduled or cancelled, the importance of the Tampa Pro was more evident.

Show promoter Tim Gardner has published a video explaining in detail the safety protocols all athletes and attendees must follow throughout the entire weekend.

The safety protocols were made known just a few days after the official competitors list was released.

Over 200 pro competitors will be taking to the stage with a majority of them representing the USA. Due to the coronavirus travel bans, international athletes could not travel to the event.

The competitors list was published on 24 July, 2020.

At the time of publishing this article, there are only ten pro bodybuilders on the list. All eyes will be on Hunter Labrada who will be making his pro debut. Many pundits are predicting that Hunter can actually pull off a victory and qualify for the 2020 Mr. Olympia.

As usual, when all competitors are on stage side by side, we can then make a better comparison.

14 competitors will be competing in the 212 Division while the figure, bikini and physique divisions have a deep lineup of competitors.

Fewer competitors are competing in the Women’s Fitness (6 competitors) and Bodybuilding (5 competitors) division.

With a majority of female bodybuilders living outside of the USA, this is one of the major reasons for such a low number of athletes.

With a low number of attendees permitted to enter the event, a Pay Per View option was made available.