Check out ‪TapOuT‬ Brand Founder’s latest business venture

tapout 2Check out TapOuT‬ Brand Founder’s latest business venture that had it’s grand opening on Saturday July 12, 2014

Dan “PunkAss” Caldwell (founder of the TapouT brand, a film & tv producer, personality and  businessman) is taking entrepreneurial advice from a new source; his 15 yr old daughter Madison.

tapoutAfter founding TapouT and several other business ventures this one proves to be much different than all the rest. It was inspired by his daughter and serves as what he calls “the best thing we can give our children & young people in general”.

“CHILLZ” Frozen Yogurt. A family friendly place with a cool penguin theme and possibly the first local business started by young teenagers.


22488 Barton Rd Grand Terrace, CA 92313