The IFBB autumn season is very long this year. A series of the World Championships was finished in the mid November but the other big international contests have been held weekend be weekend till the mid December. Last weekend we were exciting the great Amateur Mr. Olympia in Bahrain, now it’s time for the next spectacular event: the first Ben Weider Diamond Cup in Athens, Greece.

The local organiser: Greek Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation arranged a magnificent venue for this contest: the Olympic Velodrome in Athens, with 5250 seats (3300 will be used for our event). The competition is big, including 8 IFBB sports (19 categories):

– Men’s Bodybuilding (also juniors and masters)
– Men’s Classic Bodybuilding
– Men’s Physique
– Women’s Bodyfitness (also juniors and masters)
– Women’s Fitness
– Women’s Bikini Fitness
– Women’s Physique

The biggest national team will be entered by the hosting country, Greece. Then we can see teams from the Mediterranean area and South Europe: Algeria, Albania, Bulgaria, Cyprus, France, Portugal, Serbia. And teams from African countries: Gambia and Mauritius. Also Central and North Europe will be represented by: Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany, Iceland, Norway, Poland, Sweden. Nice set of countries as for the inaugural edition.

Reading the biggest names and tough battles, bodybuilding super heavyweight class looks great, with 2013 Arnold Europe runner-up Tomas Kaspar (Czech Republic) and 2012 Arnold Europe finalist Markus Hoppe (Germany) plus Swedish star Ibrahim Wissam and few Greek champions.
In Men’s Physique up to 178 cm category a real return match after the World Championships, with the world champion Valentin Petkov (Bulgaria), runner-up Mariusz Czerniewicz (Poland), and 4th place winner Henrique de Carvallo (France).
In Women’s Bodyfitness we will be able to watch former world junior champion Melissa Geimer (Germany) and European masters champion Kristin Kristjansdottir (Iceland), in Women’s Bikini Fitness: current Worlds runner-up My Coustels (France) and many, many new stars from nearly 20 countries.

On Friday, December 13th: arrivals and registration (till 22:00)
On Saturday, December 14th, 15:00: Semifinals
On Sunday, December 15th, 14:00: Opening Ceremony and the Finals

This will be the last IFBB international event this year. Then IFBB will work on the 2014 Calendar of Events, which will be even more impressive.