arnold brazil_2014The upcoming weekend, April 25-27, will be very important to the IFBB worldwide family, particularly to the Western Hemisphere. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, will host the 2nd Arnold Classic South America. Following the last year’s successful opening, which was dominated by Brazilian athletes, what was a natural consequence of the inaugural event hosted by this country, now it has expanded to a big international contest with over 20 national teams in bodybuilding and fitness only. This year we can see, for the first time, competitors from the USA, Canada and several Caribbean countries.

Arnold Classic South America has become a multisport festival, including over 30 sport disciplines! Beside Bodybuilding and Fitness, it will embrace our “brother” strength sports: Powerlifting, Strongman and Tug of War. The next big group is Martial Arts, with 8 sports. Then Pole Fitness, Artistic Gymnastics, Jump Rope, Indoor Rowing (Concept 2 machines). Also some “extreme” and endurance sports (Mountain Biking) as well as intellectual sports (Chess).

The main activity, including bodybuilding and fitness, will take place at the “Riocentro”

Exhibition & Convention Center, located at the Avenida Salvador Allende. IFBB will run its all sports, with Men’s Bodybuilding (8 categories, from 65 kg to over 100 kg), Classic Bodybuilding (2 categories), Master Men’s Bodybuilding (one open class), Master Women’s Bodyfitness (one open class), Bodyfitness (2 categories), Bikini Fitness (3 categories), Men’s Physique (2 categories), Women’s Physique (one open class), Women’s Fitness and Men’s Fitness (open categories). Altogether, 22 categories! Looking into the List of Nominated Athletes, we can see many top international stars. This names guarantee top attractive, cool battles on the stage, run at the highest.

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and the top IFBB officials, including President Santonja, are coming to Rio to celebrate the 2nd edition of this quite “young” event with tremendous perspectives and to control the IFBB activity there. Brazil is a very active IFBB member in the recent years. Despite this Arnold Sport Festival, Brazil will host the 2014 IFBB World Men’s Bodybuilding Championships and IFBB International Congress later this year in the capital city of Brasilia.

Top stars coming to Rio this year:

Charles Mario Soares (85 kg) – didn’t participate last year but having two wins at the Arnold Classic USA and placing 2nd this year in Columbus he may be considered the biggest star in Rio this year.

Djalma Laroque (100 kg) – last year’s winner coming to regain the title. He was in a perfect condition at the 2014 Arnold Classic USA in Columbus (2nd place).

Victor Luna (super heavy weight, +100 kg) – last year’s runner-up, who will battle with the last year’s 3rd place winner James Bondi for the title.

Isequiel Balbi (90 kg) – last year’s 80 kg class winner, who finished 2nd in Columbus in 2013 and 2014. Now in the heavier category, where he will meet last year’s runner-up from 90 kg class Agostinho Figueiredo and finalist Marcelo Calvas.

Francisco De Assis (75 kg) – 4th place last year in Rio and 4th place this year in Columbus. It’s time to enter the top three or maybe even to win this category.

Diego Nonato (80 kg) – last year’s runner-up. This year, with Isaac Balbi moving up to the next class, he will be the main pretender to the title; however, the next finalists from the past year: Josevan Clemente and Antonio Inácio will try to stop him.

Daniel Luna (65 kg) – 2012 World Championships bronze medal winner from Ecuador will be one of the biggest stars in Rio this year.


Rosimar Lopes (up to 163 cm) – 2013 South American overall winner and Women’s Worlds finalist, having won this year’s Arnold Classic USA will be the brightest woman star in Rio this year. But she will meet in this class the next great star: Nora Martinez (Paraguay) – 2010 South American overall winner and two-time Arnold Classic USA finalist (2013-2014). The next big player will be Loreto Soto Nunez (Chile) – South American master bodyfitness champion, who placed ahead of Martinez in the overall!

Renata Guaraciaba (over 163 cm) – after many years on the stage, she finally started to win contests. Having won this year’s Arnold Classic USA, she would be the main pretender for the trophy but will be challenged by the last year’s winner Nicole Eccel and two 2013 South American champions: Karent Perez (Venezuela) and Eliana Romano (Argentina). So many champions in one category!

Clarissa Campos de Oliveira (up to 158 cm) – last year’s runner-up and 2014 Arnold Classic USA semifinalist.

Susetty Tabash (up to 163 cm) – 2011 Arnold Classic USA winner and 2012 Central American champion from Costa Rica. Will meet in this class Iara Alvarenga da Costa (Brazil) – 4th place in Rio last year.

Marcia Goncalves (over 163 cm) – coming as the 2012 Arnodl Clasisc USA runner-up and Arnold Europe 3rd place winner she will be the main candidate for the top trophy; however, she will have to leave behind last year’s runner-up Josiane Weber, 2013 South American runner-up Bianca Lanza and 2014 Arnold USA top 10, Alzira Rodriguez (Dominican Rep.).

Rodrigo Coelho Alves (up to 175 cm) – comes in a glory of the 2014 Arnold Classic USA winner. After his 2nd place last year in Rio, he will try to get this title this year. But will have very demanding opponents: Marcelo Rafaelli, who won in Columbus in 2009 and placed 2nd this year, just few points behind Alves, and Renato De Oliveira, who was tied with Alves last year in Rio. Three top champions and only one can win!

Carlos Hadade(over 175 cm) – last year’s runner up, will fight against 2013 South American runner-up Eduardo Rodriguez (Uruguay).

Caio Pannain (up to 175 cm) – finishing 2nd at this year’s Arnold Classic in Columbus he confirmed his great predispositions but will have a “cloud” of other good athletes like 2013 South American champion Dilson Espindola, last year’s runner-up Diogo Montenegro and 4th place winner Diego Gil.

Jose Ferrer Santillan (over 175 cm) – last year’s South American overall winner from Argentine will meet the 3rd place winner Jorge Villaveces (Venezuela) and the 2014 Arnold Classic USA 4th place winner Felipe Kokudai (Brazil).

Roberta Gomes – the last year’s winner plus the runner up Daniele Oazen will come to defend the titles against attacking very demanding champions: 2014 Arnold Classic USA 3rd place winner Paola Sanchez (Dominican Rep.), 6th place winner (+163 cm class) Camila Mendes de Campos (Brazil) and 6th place winner (163 cm class) Luciane Vieira (Brazil). This will be a tough battle!

Countries participating at the 2014 Arnold Classic South America:
Costa Rica
Dominican Rep.
St. Maarten