Arnold Sports Festival Europe continue planned

The Arnold Sports Festival in Europe will continue as planned.

Earlier this week, former World Strongman Champion, Eddie Hall launched the 2021 Arnold Sports Festival UK.

Immediately after social media and media outlets were on fire promoting this new addition to the Arnold Sports Festival list of events.

As we expected, some people loyal to the NPC started false rumors regarding the Arnold Sports Festival Europe that will be taking place in Seville, Spain this year.

One of the people spreading false rumors is Spain’s Pro League promoter Emilio Martinez.

He immediately jumped on the bandwagon spreading false rumors that the IFBB Arnold Sports Festival Europe Seville will end.

Obviously, Emilio would say something like this as the Arnold Sports Festival Europe Seville is a event sanctioned by the IFBB and the IFBB Elite Pro.

The main post that Emilio posted was removed… most possibly because was notified by IFBB’s lawyers. But the post is available at the end of this article.

Just a few hours later, the Arnold Sports Festival Europe Seville confirmed that the show is going on as planned for 2020 and in the future as well. was not shocked about the movements from Pro League Spain, it is something expected from a promoter that cannot even use the IFBB name anymore. He is and will continue to run behind the IFBB and IFBB Elite Pro in Spain.

Regarding the Arnold Sports Festival UK, we are happy that another addition to these great expos has been added. has contacted the Arnold Sports Festival UK and they still have not confirmed if they will have bodybuilding at their events and also which federation will sanction the show, IFBB or NPC Worldwide.

Below are the screenshots of the false comments from Emilio Martinez and the press release from Arnold Sports Festival Seville.

They are originally posted in Spanish and translated to English by Facebook translater.

This post was removed by Emilio soon after he posted it.

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