The battle in the land of Kings: 2020 IFBB Ahmed Aly Diamond Cup Egypt.

The 2020 IFBB Ahmed Aly Diamond Cup will be taking place in Cairo, Egypt, March 8-10, 2020.

The Egyptian Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness invites all IFBB affiliated athletes to this historic contest.

Some of IFBB’s best amateur athletes will battle for the prestigious IFBB Elite Pro card.

The event is also an IFBB 2020 World Ranking event.

The event will include Junior Men’s Bodybuilding, Men’s Bodybuilding, Master Men’s Bodybuilding, Men’s Classic Physique and Men’s Physique.

12 IFBB Elite Pro cards will be available to be won.


Top six athletes in each category will be awarded with medals and certificates.
• Overall in each discipline will have a trophy.
• Top 5 athletes in Men’s senior categories will be awarded points to the 2020 IFBB World Ranking according to the World Ranking Rules.
• 12 IFBB Elite Pro Cards will be awarded as follows:
o Master Men’s Bodybuilding – (2)
o Men’s Bodybuilding – (4)
o Men’s Physique – (3)
o Men’s Classic Physique – (3)

Inspection Report

2020 IFBB Ahmed Aly Diamond Cup Egypt 2020 IFBB Ahmed Aly Diamond Cup Egypt