Dorian Yates Blood and Guts

WATCH: The best of Dorian Yates ‘Blood and Guts’. celebrates 6X Mr. Olympia Dorian Yates’ 58th birthday.

Dorian had a very successful bodybuilding career by winning the biggest contest six consecutive times. Yates won the Mr. Olympia from 1992-1997.

‘The Shadow’ as they call him was the perfect nickname for the monster bodybuilder.

Dorian would train in silence, away from the world and arrive at a show in top shape.

Immediately after the show, he would disappear for another year.

Dorian single-handedly changed bodybuilding forever. He not only was the biggest on stage at his time, but he brought a extremely defined physique to match his size.

His fellow competitors tried everything to break him down, but Dorian would not budge.

Dorian went on to retire in 1997 after winning his sixth Mr. Olympia title due to the injuries he suffered from his extreme training regime.

You can get a taste of the hardcore training routine that Dorian went through by watching the best of ‘Blood and Guts’.

‘Blood and Guts’ is a very popular video revealing the true training methods that Dorian went through as he prepared for the Mr. Olympia.

This video is as hardcore as it gets, revealing the pain and suffering Dorian went through to build his world-class physique.

Below you will find the best parts of ‘Blood and Guts’:



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