Best VR Simulators Supercharge

The Best VR Simulators to Supercharge Your Fitness Routine.

For some people, exercise is second nature. They crave the endorphin rush and can’t go a day without working out. For others, it’s the last thing on their mind. For such people, VR technology can help. It helps them stay fit by offering exciting fitness-focused games.

VR fans have realized playing high-energy games built on virtual reality can be good for their health. It’s possible to get sweaty and exhausted working out with a VR headset. The pressure has been on game developers to become more innovative.

Some VR headsets now incorporate fitness trackers that help gamers track the calories they’re burning and set daily fitness goals. These trackers monitor the minutes spent actively moving and estimate the calories burnt.

These 3 simulators are a must-have if you care about your health.

1.   Supernatural

The Supernatural simulator is ideal if you’re looking for full-body or aerobic exercise and want to revamp your exercise regime. What’s more, it doubles as a VR car simulator and is perfect for car enthusiasts.

A $179 yearly subscription, or $19 monthly subscription gets you new daily workouts. This includes new environments, new movement sequences, and a human coach to add some personality to the workout regimen.

The workouts happen in breathtaking locations worldwide. And in 10 minutes, you can burn 112 calories. You can easily replay previous workouts using the search option that allows you to explore workouts by intensity, length, and music genre.

Supernatural’s full body workout includes sweeping arm movements mixed with squats, thrusts, and lunges. The app syncs to Bluetooth heart rate trackers to monitor and report your heart rate during each workout.

2.   Power Beats VR

PowerBeatsVR is a high-intensity VR fitness game that makes you dodge, squat, and box to energetic music. You can choose from over 50 professionally designed workouts and play your own music using the generator.

The app costs $20 and features an action-packed game designed for a full-body cardio workout. It has varying levels of difficulty, from easy to expert. Get this app if you want to build your strength, reflexes, and stamina.

You’ll need to overcome the challenging obstacle courses in several areas. The app’s easy-to-use editor lets you create challenges within VR or change auto-generated workouts to suit your needs.

PowerBeatsVR heart rate monitoring, calorie tracking, and fitness features monitor your heart rate, check training duration, and the calories burnt in real time.

3.   FITXR

The developers of FITXR designed it to help gamers overcome the workout plateau–when the body adjusts and exercise is no longer a challenge. The virtual fitness game has real-life trainers and combines boxing and dance exercises.

You can choose a workout, pick the day’s featured workout, or adjust the workout depending on your desired intensity or mood. The full body and aerobic exercises help you burn 86 calories in 10 minutes.

The game costs $30 and there’s no ongoing subscription. However, you can buy additional workout packs within the game. The workouts can get pretty intensive and the game is more exhausting than other VR fitness games.

FitXR releases new classes regularly, so you don’t need to repeat workouts. You can experience the communal gym atmosphere by gaming with people worldwide.

There’s no need to leave your home to work out, stay fit with these 3 exciting VR simulators. They are fairly priced and jam-packed with awesome features. So, there’s no excuse for not staying fit.

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