chris_ramy_georgeBig Ramy’s name has been hitting the bodybuilding forums lately and it is not because of his size. World renowned bodybuilding guru’s Chris Aceto and George Farah have been trading words regarding Big Ramy.

After Big Ramy ended his work relationship with Dennis James, Chris Aceto was the next person to plan for Big Ramy’s future… All of a sudden, Big Ramy is now working with George Farah.

As we all know Chris is not a person to hold back and he lets it all out on his radio show with Dave Palumbo on George Farah’s name is mentioned on a number of occasions during the show… listen to the show (Click on the image) and decide who is right or wrong.














Meanwhile, at this weekends 2015 Pittsburgh Pro contest, Muscular Development managed to get a few words from George… and he was not happy with what comments he heard coming from Chris Aceto.

Watch George Farah say what he thinks about Chris:

This story surely will not end here and will surely keep you up-to-date on this!!