Earlier this week, photos of Kevin Levrone made their way through social media and they obviously created a buzz.

Obviously we all know that Levrone is under contract with Muscular Development and it was odd that Dave Palumbo of RXMuscle is claiming that he had the ‘Exclusivity’ to the photos.

Well, this is complete bullshit. If many don’t know, evolutionofbodybuilding.net (Kevin Grech) have very close ties with Levrone and we had the photos early in the day, but as usual, we did not publish them because we respect Levrone and his ties to Muscular Development. If you don’t believe us, just watch the video below from Kevin’s most recent Live feed on Facebook.

Not only does Levrone have good relations with MD, he is on the cover of the latest issue of Muscular Development!!

But when, RXMuscle posted these photos totally covered with their logo, we said, screw it, so we published them as well stating that RXMuscle is full of shit.

Now, some are saying that Kevin sent them to RXMuscle, but we don’t believe this. Either Dave paid somebody for them or somebody just sent them to him.

Palumbo will not rest until he gets his revenge for Levrone skipping his show at the last minute a while back. And the reality is, the only person that is going to lose is Dave Palumbo himself.

Dave Palumbo does put out the occasional good show when he is not bashing MD or Steve Blechman, but this is truly a move to try to destroy the ties between Kevin and MD.

In the long run, we believe, RXMuscle is wasting their time as Kevin knows who is the real deal.

Its one thing to help an athlete and its another to use him as we have seen happen with a number of other athletes.

Promote the athlete, help them out, we do this always.

If Palumbo manages to read this article, he will probably say, who the hell are we… Well we are the little site that everybody said would not last… but we are here to stay!! Thanks to our great sponsors and support from numerous athletes.

If the big ‘bodybuilding media’ cake had three or four sites eating from it… you can now include us as well!

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