The day has arrived for IFBB-Malta’s International amateur and pro events.

The day has arrived for IFBB-Malta’s International amateur and pro events.

Against all odds, the IFBB President Ralph Decelis and his hard working committee have managed to organize the 2020 IFBB-Malta National Championships, IFBB Diamond Cup and IFBB Elite Pro Show.

All athletes arrived at the Dolmen Hotel, a beautiful seaside venue.

As expected their would be a decrease in the amount of athletes traveling due to very strict restrictions because of the horrible Covid-19 virus that has literally brought the entire world to a standstill.

With all the problems, still close to 100 athletes have managed to beat all odds and prepare for this contest and make the trip to beautiful Malta for these prestigious events.

The official registration and weigh-in took place on Saturday 29 August, 2020.

All athletes were very excited to have the chance to get back on stage and display the perfect physique they managed to build during these difficult times.

due to government restrictions, the amount of spectators that are allowed to enter the venue has went down to 100, but the IFBB-Malta committee have made sure all safety precautions are in place.

Also some exceptional Elite Pro competitors managed to beat all odds and prep for this event. As mentioned before, the numbers are low, but the quality is high.

The beautiful stage setup will add to this exceptional event. is always grateful to have Igor Kopcek ( and Gabor Varszegi ( by their side to capture the best moments with their fantastic photography. Photos can be purchased from this event from the photographers mentioned.

Also, a new addition to the IFBB Media Team are IFBB Elite Pro athletes Deividas Dubinas and Kristina Narbutaitytė.

You will find these two fantastic people recording all the video footage on their mobiles and immediately upload to IFBB’s official magazine’s social media Muscle and Health.

We were also honored to have IFBB President Rafael Santonja present for this great event. Rafael arrived late Saturday full of energy and excitement for this great event.

In order to keep up with covid regulations all international Diamond Cup female competitors have to be at the hall at 11.30am. We will start at 12pm.
Males kindly be backstage at 2.45pm. Male categories will start at 3.30pm.

Photos Weigh-in by – Click HERE

Photos IFBB Elite Pro Registration and Meeting by – Click HERE

Competition Schedule

9am – 12pm

IFBB Malta National Championships


  • Juniors Bikini
  • Fit Model-Round 1
  • Masters Bikini
  • Fit Model-Round 2
  • Bikini Fitness
  • Awards Fit Model
  • Awards Bikini
  • Overal Bikinil
  • 30 Min Break
  • Masters BodyFitness
  • Masters Wellness
  • Bodyfitness
  • Wellness
  • Awards Bodyfitness
  • Awards Wellness


  • Juniors Men’s Physique
  • Masters Men’s Physique
  • Men’s Physique
  • Muscular Men’s Physique
  • Classic Physique (Round 1 & 2)
  • Awards Men´s Physique
  • Overall Classic Physique
  • 30 Min Break
  • Masters Classic Bodybuilding
  • Masters Bodybuilding-Over 40, Over 50
  • Awards Classic Bodybuilding
  • Awards Bodybuilding


IFBB Elite Pro Show Malta