The East Coast Mecca

The East Coast Mecca will be back!

Bev Francis Powerhouse Gym ‘The East Coast Mecca’ has been closed for over 110 days because of the strict restrictions due to the threat of coronavirus.

All gyms in New York City had to shut their doors to members on 16 March, 2020 due to state law.

At the time of publishing this article, the gyms in New York are still closed. Due to these forced closures, a number of the gyms have succumbed to Covid-19 and closed down forever.

One gym that will continue to fight to stay in business is Bev Francis Powerhouse Gym ‘The East Coast Mecca’.

In a recent message on their official Instagram page, Bev Francis Powerhouse Gym explained the current situation. The management promised their members that the gym will make it through these difficult times and will open their doors in the near future.

The original message from Bev Francis Powerhouse Gym

“We still don’t know when, but WE WILL BE BACK and can’t wait to see you again.
It’s been 108 days since we had to close our doors for the first time since we opened. Just like so many other small businesses, our loyal customers can’t come in but our bills haven’t missed a beat. Everyday we hear about another gym or studio closing down for good and it is just heart breaking. We understand all too well the challenges that force such a decision, but the #eastcoastmecca isn’t going away.”

Some of the best Pro League athletes in the world train at the East Coast Mecca. Under the watchful eye of head judge and owner Steve Weinberger, this gym has become one of the most popular in the world.

From all the gyms in the world, this website believes that the East Coast Mecca will make it through these hard times and eventually open their doors for their loyal members.