amateur olympia prague 2014Sensational news are coming from Prague: over 260 athletes have been nominated by National Federations to participate in this prestigious event! Amateur Olympia has been quickly expanding, from its first edition in London in 2011, which included men’s bodybuilding only and 50 athletes in total, to its fourth edition this year in Prague, with 13 categories in the schedule and over 260 competitors nominated by National Federations of 30 countries! Who could expect such an expansion? It ‘s a unique opportunity to visit the TIPSPORT ARENA in Prague and see all these stars live on stage. There will also be a big EXPO show with dozens of “fitness industry” companies offering their newest goods and seminars.

The basic schedule:

Friday, June 6th, 2014:

10:00 am – Semifinals in the following sequence:

  • Women’s Bikini Fitness: 163 cm, 168 cm, +168 cm
  • Women’s Fitness 163 cm and +163 cm (routines)
  • Men’s Physique 179 cm and +178 cm
  • Women’s Fitness 163 cm and +163 (quarter turns)
  • 60 minutes break for lunch
  • Men’s Bodybuilding: 80 kg, 90 kg, 100 kg, +100 kg
  • Women’s Physique 163 cm and +163 cm

18:30 – Seminar with George Farah (entry: EUR 55, including dinner)

Saturday, June 7th, 2014:

09:30 – Seminar with Kai Greene (entry: EUR 55, including lunch)
10:00 – Finals (top 6) in the following sequence:

  • Women’s Bikini Fitness: 163 cm, 168 cm, +168 cm
  • Women’s Fitness 163 cm and +163 cm (routines)
  • Men’s Physique 179 cm and +178 cm
  • Women’s Fitness 163 cm and +163 (quarter turns)
  • 60 minutes break for lunch
  • Men’s Bodybuilding: 80 kg, 90 kg, 100 kg, +100 kg
  • Women’s Physique 163 cm and +163 cm

19:30 – Superfinals:

  • Opening Ceremony
  • Women’s Bikini Fitness overall
  • Women’s Fitness overall (routines)
  • Men’s Physique overall
  • Women’s Bikini Fitness overall – award ceremony
  • Women’s Fitness overall (quarter turns)
  • Men’s Physique overall – award ceremony
  • Women’s Physique overall (routines)
  • Men’s Bodybuilding overall (routines)
  • Women’s Physique overall (mandatory poses + award ceremony)
  • Men’s Bodybuilding overall (mandatory poses + award ceremony)
  • Closing Ceremony (all overall winners on stage)

22:30 – Farewell Banquet

Now the STARS: let’s have a look who will perform on stage in Prague.

Up to 80 kg

From the latest European Championships: 80 kg category runner-up Aleksey Denisov (Russia), the 4th place winner ArturSzudrowicz (Poland) and the 6th place winner (in 70 kg class) Daniel Priewisch (Germany). They will meet a couple of other well-known competitors: 2011 Arnold USA winner Alessandro Zuccaro (Italy), 2009 European Junior Championships overall winner Michael Motanov (United Kingdom), 2013 European masters champion and 2014 Arnold USA masters runner-up Karim Boumazza (France), three-time European Championships finalist Marcel Jasen (Slovakia), 2014 Arnold USA finalist Gordon Singh (United Kingdom). Zuccaro took part in the first Amateur Olympia in London (3rd place in 75 kg category).Favourite?Denisov has the best contest history (two-time European Championships runner-up) but must be in a top shape.

Up to 90 kg

Many top stars from different years and categories. From the latest European Championships: 95 kg European champion Tomasz Pabiniak (Poland), 90 kg runner-up Ott Kiivikas (Estonia), 85 kg finalist DaniloFuriosi (Italy), 90 kg finalist PatrycjuszWróblewski (Poland). Plus two European masters overall winners: Antonio Gutierrez (2014) and Jakub Potocki (2011). Plus three Czech stars: 2012 Arnold Europe winner VojtechKoritensky, 2009 world classic bodybuilding champion Josef Furin, who moved into the extreme bodybuilding and placed 3rd at the 2013 Arnold USA, and former world top junior classic bodybuilder Milan Sadek (Czech Republic), who then moved into extreme bodybuilding and placed 5th at the 2012 European Championships in 100 kg category.
Moreover, exciting comeback after so many years of the 2008 European champion (100 kg class) Roman Dudushkin (Russia). 2013 Oslo Grand Prix winner Samir Troudi (Norway) will also want to be at the top. Very interesting and unpredictable category.Predictions? Antonio Gutierrez, VojtechKoritensky and Roman Dudushkin should play a key role.

Up to 100 kg

The current European champion Miha Zupan (Slovenia) against the runner-up (in 95 kg class) Chakib Bouhlal (Italy), 2010 runner-up Tomasz Lech (Poland), 2005 European champion Martin Drab (Czech Republic) and former world top classic bodybuilder (2010 World Classic Bodybuilding Championships runner-up) Michal Sitter (Czech Republic) who has recently moved into extreme bodybuilding. Zupan is a leader in this group.

Over 100 kg

Top two bodybuilders from the latest European championships: Artur Kovalev (Ukraine) and Michael Muzo (Netherlands). Interesting revenge battle but they will not have an easy way for victory. First, 2009 World Junior Championships overall winner Roman Fritz, who won the super heavyweight category and overall at the 2013 German Nationals. Then, the next German Championships overall winner (from 2008) David Hoffmann, who took the 4th position at the 2013 Arnold Europe. He will meet the 3rd place winner from this contest Vitaly Fateev of Russia. Next interesting duel.Plus 2014 Oslo Grand Prix winner Tomasz Bobrowski (Poland). And two famous master bodybuilders: 2011 world master champion and 2013 European master champion Dr. Wolfgang Schober (Austria) and the current European master champion Alexander Alekseev (Russia). Newly crowned European champion ArturKovalev will have extremely demanding challengers: Roman Fritz; David Hoffmann, Vitaly Fateev and both masters.

Up to 163 cm

Almost all up to 160 cm category finalists from the recent European Championships: continental champion Sabina Plevakova, runner-up IvetaKuglerova (both of Slovakia), 4th place winner KaterynaTkachenko (Ukraine), 5th place winner Nikki Jenkins (United Kingdom) and 6th place winner InmaculadaGual (Spain). And 163 cm category 5th place winner Dora Adanic (Croatia). Then, 2013 Arnold USA winner Marisa Lobato (Spain) and 2014 Russian Cup bronze medal winner Olga Blokhina.Will they repeat their places from the European Championships or the order will be upside down? In this case I don’t expect any “revolution”. Plevakova wins every contest she participate in, the next places is a bigger unknown…

Up to 168 cm

From the European Championships: top two from the 166 cm class: DenisaLipovska (Slovakia) and Nina Ross (United Kingdom) will meet top two from the 169 cm class: Olga Viazmetinova (Ukraine) and KarinaSkowronska (United Kingdom). In the overall Viazmetinova finished one place ahead of Lipovska. How will they do in Prague? But there will be one more very demanding player: Tatiana Prokofyeva(Russia), who won on this stage in Prague few months ago over Viazmetinovaduring the 2013 Bikini Olympia. Will this stage be lucky for her once again? And international debuit of the 2014 Russian Cup runner-up Vera Alexandrova.Will she be able to do any damage to the top champions?

Over 168 cm

Olga Putrova (Russia) vs. Paula Banot (Poland) – exciting revenge for the recent European Championships where Putrova won over Banot. But in Prague someone else may win: 2014 European Championships overall winner AllaSemenova (Ukraine), who was tied 10:10 with Putrova in the overall battle in Santa Susanna. Their battle on stage will be a real feast for the eyes!
Who can make troubles to thesethree top stars? There are four more serious candidates: “always second” EgleEller-Nabi (Estonia) who was the runner-up at the 2013 Arnold USA, 2013 World Cup and 2013 World Ladies Cup, then 2014World Ladies Cup winner КseniiaSheveleva(Russia), 2014 European Championships 4th place winner (+172 cm class) Oksana Davydova (Ukraine) and 3rd place winner (172 cm class) VeronikaGulasova (Slovakia).Someone else?Maybe the latest Russian Cup winner NelliMoshkina? All of them have enough potentials, but who will be in the peak condition on the stage in the TIPSPORT Arena in Prague this weekend?

Up to 163 cm

Top two from the latest European Championships: Olga Chernous (Ukraine) and Muriel Boumazza (France). Plus 6th place winner AndrijanaDabic (Austria) and 4th place winner (but in bodyfitness) Petra Urbankova (Czech Republic). And the second former bodyfitness champion Daniela Pfeiffer (Germany), runner-up of the 2011 World Championships. So, more and more girls from bodyfitness are turning to women’s physique. Revenge battle: Chernous vs. Boumazza will be top interesting and may bring any result.

Over 163 cm

Once again, a mixture of former bodybuilders and bodyfitness champions. Bodybuilding is represented by former world champion Alina Cepurnienie (Lithuania) and top European competitor Petra Welker (Germany). They will meet the current European champion Ester Parisi (Italy) and finalist LiudmilaGoshko (Russia). Plus one outstanding former bodyfitness champion and World Cup winner TetyanaMikheychyk (Ukraine), who will debut in this division.

Up to 178 cm

European champion GrzegorzPlaczkowski (Poland) will combat against the silver and bronze medal winners from the shorter class: Ben Noy (United Kingdom) and Jorge Martinez (Spain) and world and European championships finalist DjangoSjakShie (Netherlands). But we will see more champions: 2013 Arnold Europe runner-up Balint Gal (Hungary), 2013 Arnold USA runner-up and 2012 Arnold Europe winner RuiFerreira (Portugal), 2013 European Championships runner-up Henrique De Carvallo (France).A lot of top competitors from the current IFBB 170 cm, 174 cm and 178 cm categories. They will meet first time in this configuration, so any result is possible.

Over 178 cm

Very strong team from the Czech Republic: current European champion Ladislav Novy, 2012 Arnold Europe winner Martin Mester and 2013 Arnold USA finalists: JiriVelimek and Petr Polak. Also strong group of the recent European Championships finalists: bronze medal winner MikolajPolaszewski (United Kingdom), 4th place winner JaaniInkinen (Finland) and two brothers from Austria: Christopher and Alexander Friedl. And a lot of others, altogether 37 athletes!Are there any hidden star among them? We will see on Friday afternoon.

Countries participating in the 2014 Amateur Olympia in Prague:

1. Austria
2. Belarus
3. Belgium
4. Bulgaria
5. Croatia
6. Cyprus
7. Czech Republic
8. Estonia
9. Finland
10. France
11. Germany
12. Greece
13. Hungary
14. Iceland
15. Italy
16. Lithuania
17. Macedonia
18. Malta
19. Netherlands
20. Norway
21. Poland
22. Portugal
23. Romania
24. Russia
25. Slovakia
26. Slovenia
27. Spain
28. Sweden
29. Ukraine
30. United Kingdom