Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold Schwarzenegger has turned 70 on 30 July, 2017.

We are bombarded by photos of the king of bodybuilding everyday on all social media and we are never tired of seeing them.

It is like we are stuck in the 70’s and 80’s when Arnold was at his best. The bodybuilding world seems to forget that people age… and yes Arnold Schwarzenegger did as well.

We do not need to get into detail about his past as who ever is a bodybuilding fan will know about it… and who does not, well watch Pumping Iron and read a couple of books about him.

It is a joy seeing this man who started from nothing make it all the way to the top. From bodybuilding to acting and then to politics, Arnold has hit the top.

He surely would of been The President of the United States if he had a chance to run for the job, but for obvious reasons, he cannot.

Even today, how many times have we heard Arnold give us his inspirational speeches on how to never give up and don’t be afraid to make mistakes in life.

Arnold SchwarzeneggerArnold has literally turned the bodybuilding and fitness industry into a mega industry. So many bodybuilders have been inspired by this one man.

Arnold Schwarzenegger till today is still looked upon as the bodybuilder that had the best physique ever.

Thankfully, Arnold Schwarzenegger is still giving back to the bodybuilding and fitness world. His Arnold Classic competitions are unmatched.

Some people say he just does it for the money… but lets get real. Does Arnold Schwarzenegger need the money, if there is any, from these contests.

Arnold gets involved, he goes to each one of the Arnold Classic Festivals that are taking part all over the world. He interacts with the fans and is not afraid to get involved as well.

Schwarzenegger is not one to keep quiet about certain things that are happening in the sport of bodybuilding today. He is always criticizing the way the bodybuilders are looking on stage. He has been openly critical of how women were looking in the bodybuilding class, to the point were he removed it from his shows.

Some popular bodybuilders said that he should not say anything. But, Arnold has the right to express his opinion on the sport. The man is a product of the best ever era in bodybuilding and if somebody knows how a physique should look, it is him.

His seminars are getting bigger and better and it brings him closer to the fans.

Arnold Schwarzenegger is not alone in these events, and he has built a solid friendship and business partnership with the Lormer family and Tony Doherty . They will keep these competitions going for a long time working closely with Arnold.

Arnold inspires all of us. If it is through sports, politics or just trying to improve yourself in life.

Guys like Arnold Schwarzenegger and Stallone have started from nothing and have had great lives. Now, not everybody is so lucky, but if you can move up one level by just seeing and being inspired of what they did… that’s enough.

Happy Birthday Arnold Schwarzenegger from all of us at Keep doing what your doing!!

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