george farah 2015 EVLS ProGeorge Farah was a very happy man this weekend with his athletes Dexter Jackson and Big Ramy placing first and second at the 2015 EVLS Prague Pro show.

Talking to Bob Cicherillo of Muscular Development, George talked in detail of how he prepared his athletes for this competition.

George sent a message to some of critics saying that you have to be with the competitors to comment on their condition and just look at what he did with Dexter and Big Ramy.

Talking about Dexter, George said that he has been with him for a good number of years and he knows what works and what does not with him. The fine adjustments they made before the show where enough to make him look at his best even at the age of 46.

George then mentioned Big Ramy. He has only been working with him for about six months and now he is starting to learn what works with him. George said being with Big Ramy at the EVLS Prague Pro show helped a lot and way he made him play with carbs did the trick.

Also, George refereed to comments regarding competitors being Arab.

He said “The judges are doing an amazing job! This the IFBB!! If you deserve it.. you deserve it!”