Prague, 14th March 2014 – Tickets and VIP tickets for Olympia Amateur Europe are on sale. Olympia Amateur Europe will be held from 6th to 7th June in Tipsport arena in Prague. Advance sale can be made through sales network Ticketportal.

Order of VIP 1 tickets is possible only by email

Tickets can be bought in several price categories, which differ in distance from the stage. Tickets for prejudging, finals and the complete program are available. All tickets are valid for Fitness EXPO, which takes place in Tipsport arena as well.

“The cheapest tickets start on 240 CZK (cca 10 EUR), the most expensive are for 990 CZK (cca 40 EUR),“ said Robert Speychal, Executive Director of Sport Holding Prague, organizer of the event.

The best seats in the arena are reserved for the owners of VIP tickets that provide exclusive view in the front rows by the stage and of course entrance to the entire two-day program as well. The owners of VIP 1 tickets also have entry to the banquet after the competition. “VIP tickets can be bought over the internet in Ticketportal, just for VIP 1 tickets is required to send a demand for the number of tickets to the email

arnold amateur 2014 europeThese places are subject to special seating arrangements, so can´t be purchased directly through the internet,” explained Robert Speychal.

The prestigious international competition Olympia Amateur Europe that will be held from 6th to 7th June in Prague offers to all amateur athletes a unique chance to experience the ultimate sport event. Five professional cards for overall winners in each category (women´s fitness, women´s physique, women´s bikini, men´s bodybuilding, men´s physique) are magnets for athletes as well. There is an expectation of top level competitors thanks to this unique opportunity.

Competitors can already register through national federations.

There will also be Fitness EXPO, a two day long exhibition of sports equipment and accessories mainly from fitness and bodybuilding areas, as a part of Olympia Amateur Europe in Tipsport Arena.


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