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Time to give back for a good cause.

Bodybuilding journalist Xavier Wills and his family are going through a tough time and need all the help they can get.

Xavier Wills exploded on the bodybuilding media scene through his very successful YouTube page called Desktop Bodybuilding.

According to the first video that Xavier uploaded, he has been producing fantastic content for just over two years.

Based in Australia, Xavier started to gain popularity at a great momentum and soon after he has become the go to site for the latest bodybuilding news.

As he gained more experience, Xavier started to add more graphics and his great editing skills produced a very professional product.

We at Evolutionofbodybuilding.net believe that his production and final product is better than other popular YouTube pages that have over a million of subscribers.

What is so special about Xavier is that he brings out the best in bodybuilding, always reporting in a positive matter.

Not only is Xavier good at keeping us all up-to-date with the latest news, his interviews with the top people in the industry are second to none.

Xavier was producing these incredible videos on a daily basis when needed, but recently, these videos started to be published less often…

You may ask, why are we writing about Xavier?

Just recently, Xavier publicly revealed that Tara Michelle, the mother of his two young children has been diagnosed with Luminal B Breast Cancer & Cervical Cancer.

One cannot imagine what this young family is going through at the moment.

In one of his latest posts, Xavier explained what he and his family are going through.

WE NEED YOUR HELP! 🙏🏼 I can’t believe I’m posting this, but here goes…

Recently @_taramichele_ the mother of my 2 children & my beautiful partner has been diagnosed with Luminal B Breast Cancer & Cervical Cancer. The treatment required costs a lot of money that we simply don’t have. Tara being a New Zealand citizen + being in a Covid world it’s not worth the risk for her to go back to New Zealand to receive treatment.

We’re asking if you could be kind enough to make even a small donation to @_taramichele_ in her battle to beat this which I know she will. It would truly mean the world to us. Also supporter T-shirts will be available shortly for purchase to support our campaign. Also please respect Tara may not write back if you reach out, pretty much as I told her to take it easy & not to stress about responding to people.



Xavier and Tara cannot do this alone. Medical costs are very expensive and if the bodybuilding world can come together to help out, the situation can be so much easier for this young couple.

We can help in many ways.

Donations are accepted through a GoFundMe account that was created for Tara:

GoFundMe: Help Tara Fight Rare Cancer (Young Mother of 4)

T-Shirts can be purchased with all proceeds going to Tara and her fight against cancer:

Stand With Tara – T-Shirts

Let’s all help Tara to get through this!!


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