Todd Dery

Todd Dery named IFBB Physique America Chairman for New Hampshire and Vermont.

On the fervent recommendation of IFBBPA New England Vice President, Dave Follansbee, IFBB Physique America is happy to announce Todd Dery to the position of Chairman for New Hampshire and Vermont.

“Having Todd in charge of New Hampshire and Vermont is another brick in the foundation of IFBB Physique America. He is not only a proponent for the sport, but also a business professional. People such as Todd is why IFBB Physique America different from any other Bodybuilding/Fitness/Physique organization in the US” pontificates John V. Calascione, IFBBPA Executive Director.

Todd has been involved with Bodybuilding for 25 years as a competitor, coach and trainer. He was the teenage Bodybuilding Champion at Green Mountain Classic in 1993 and won the NPC Mr. Teen New England in 1994.

Todd attended the University of New Hampshire and has a Bachelors Degree in Business Development, Marketing and Promotion. He has worked in the Hospital, Radiology/Imaging and Orthopedic market as a top-ranking Sales Professional for over 20 years. Currently he is the New England District Manager for Konica Minolta Healthcare America Inc.

“We are joyful and delighted to have Todd as part of our team. Each day, we grow a little stronger and get a little bigger,” boasts Calascione.

Photo: Todd Dery on left, Dave Follansbee on right